Thursday, June 14, 2018

Old Time Photo Number 5

Earlier this month we took a vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains. We are always finding something new and interesting to do while there. While browsing Groupon, which you can sign up HERE for free, we came across a Groupon for an old time photo and I had to snag the deal. 

At Old Time Photo Number 5 of Pigeon Forge you will find a variety of backgrounds and costumes to please any of your family. I have to say we were blown away at all the options and we enjoyed that they are all historically accurate. They really go out of their way to make your experience as authentic as possible, right down to the etched framing you can get with your photos.

We had a unique need during our session. Our oldest daughter has Aspergers and Sensory processing disorder, as a result some textures and clothing can be hard for her to wear. Our photographer, Stephanie, went right to work helping ease worry. She was so lovely and professional with our daughter, she picked her out a very nice cowgirl/gunslinger outfit (dresses are just not our Lilly Rose's favorite). Having someone understand your child has a unique need and go out of their way to accommodate that need, really speaks volumes of the customer service of Stephanie and everyone at Old Time Photo Number 5.

Lilly Rose

For myself and our youngest daughter Emma Kay, who is my little fashionista, we were very excited to be turned into Southern belles, complete with all the accessories. She was just itching to have her photo taken in front of the piano, Stephanie did such a wonderful job on all our creative poses.

 Emma Kay

Our photographer made sure that we all had individual poses, poses as a family (which at the moment my computer is on the fritz, otherwise, I would have loaded those), and couple photos. There are a number of filters that can be done to your photos as well and your photographer will walk you through this at the end of your session. They will also go over their packages with you to find the one that best fits your needs. I highly suggest, as we did, the package that includes the DVD with rights to your photos. You can copy off as many as you would like and any size that you would like (which Walgreens is having a free 8x10 special for Father's Day, just use code PRINT8X10 at check out).

Check us out! This was back in Barry's gambling days.

All in all, we absolutely loved our session! It was so much fun to see us all dressed up as gunslingers and Southern belles. The great part is we have photos for the memories and they make wonderful gift for the grandparents. 

Call Old Time Photo Number 5 of Pigeon Forge today to schedule your session at 865-365-1550. 
You can also find them on Facebook HERE or their website HERE. Let them know the gunslinging McCords sent you!

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