Monday, April 30, 2018

Affordable Silk flower arrangement from Silk Plants Direct, brought to you by CSI Wall Panels

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I would love to give a big thank you to them for providing me this lovely silk flower swag from Silk Plants Direct at

I really love silk flower arrangements. The variations are endless and can be found to go with any decor you may have. It really brings a bit of nature, color, and a focal point into a room. One of the great perks of adding silk flower arrangements to your decor is that they can literally last for years! They are easy to dust and keep clean, as well.

I was able to pick this beautiful swag arrangement from Silk Plants Direct, thanks to our good friends at CSI Wall Panels. I was very impressed when it arrived this past week, with fast shipping. The metal, of the swag itself, is very sturdy and a lovely dark color. I think the color went very well with the color of the flowers used in the arrangement. The flowers are made of silk and very lifelike.

This swag is the perfect accent piece to our dining room, as it is decorated in a mix of sunflowers with blue willow prints. I look forward to enjoying the freshness and pop of color it adds, as we enjoy our family meals together or entertaining company. I'm also happy for how little upkeep this decor piece will require in my daily cleaning routine.

*Information on swag*
You can find this swag at Silk Plants Direct  at this link

Sku is: C2394S
Measurements27" x 12" x 4"

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