Monday, March 19, 2018

Unicorn Cake Topper Set.

This year Emma Kay has been wanting to have an unicorn themed party. She turns 9 in August and she is already planning.

I was very excited when I was able to review a few unicorn themed party kits. So, if you are looking to save a little money on a birthday cake, this unicorn party set will do just that. This set includes 6 beautiful cupcake toppers (with pretty rose accents and made out of heavy quality paper), 1 golden horn, 2 white/golden ears, and 2 eye lashes.

I am planning to apply the cake topper to a white cake with white frosting. I then will add a few edible flowers on top. I think this will make for one gorgeous unicorn cake and much more budget friendly than any professionally made cake. The cupcakes with glittery unicorn toppers will also make great accents against the main birthday cake.

Did I also mention the cake topper set is washable and reusable! You can pass it on to another party or even use it again, if you having a couple of unicorn fans in your household.

This kit is only 9.99 and more information can be found here:

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