Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bitor Exfoliating Foot Peel

I have been reviewing the Exfoliating foot peel by Bitor, in an attempt to get ready for flip flop season. When you open the package you have two sealed booties that are filled with a lightly scented lavender solution. You simply trim off the tops of the booties, place over your feet, and attach the included stickers for a comfortable fit. While the scent wasn't overwhelming, I did find the time needed to wear the booties (60-90 minutes) a bit time consuming. During this time it's suggested not to walk around and you're pretty much stationary. If you are movie watcher I think this would be great, but I found it difficult to sit that long with two children and a nightly routine. After using the foot peel, I found my feet to be very smooth on the bottom. I am a few days out and my feet have only peeled around the toe area. I found this product as an exfoliating foot peel to be a bit disappointing, but very impressed as a moisturizer. For information visit here:

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