Sunday, February 11, 2018

Reuse and repurpose

Over the years from coupons, giveaways I win, and yard sales I've built a little smell good selection for free or little out of pocket cost (BBW will send you coupons for free mini sprays and lotion). I feel like some scents get overlooked and forgotten, so I've been wanting a tray for the dresser. Thanks to all the frugal ladies that I watch/follow and inspire me, I avoided temptation last night! I found a beautiful gold mirrored tray at Burlington for 11.00, but kept hearing "Save that money! You can repurpose something!" I remembered a kitchen tray I tucked back, that I paid about .50 for at a thrift store. Repurposed it for the lotions and sprays, saved 10.50 and did not dip into our misc.budget. It also encouraged me to declutter and remind me of just how many of these items go to waste when unused, free or cheap it's still wasteful.

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