Thursday, July 7, 2016

Krystal Family Prize Pack Giveaway!

You always know summer has arrived, when you start to crave those little Krystal burgers! The kind folks from The Krystal company sent us a family fun pack to enjoy our summer with. It's includes:

  • A drink koozie.
  • 7 different flavors of Tabasco sauce.
  • A metal Tabasco bottle holder.
  • The cutest salt and pepper shakers known to man!
  • Free coupons for their new "Fired Up" menu.

If you guys haven't stopped by Krystal's lately, I highly suggest you do! For a limited time (Until August 7, 2016) they have a new "Fired Up" menu featuring Tabasco's original red sauce. These burgers, Chiks, Chili Fries, and pups offer up hot cheese infused with Tabasco. I would have to say that the burgers infused with Tabasco are AMAZING! Not too spicy and just the right amount of kick. Perfect for a day when you are looking to try something delicious and different.

If you would love to enter for a family prize pack, just enter through the Rafflecopter links below. My Chickaroos had an absolute blast having a Tabasco taste test off. For Emma Kay the Buffalo sauce came in first place and Lilly Rose brought the Habanero sauce in for her first. These sauces are also wonderful to add to your fried chicken recipe (I add to my flour mixture after I have whisked all my dry ingredients together) and BBQ sauce recipe, just to kick things up a notch.

I will also add that the Krystal burger salt and pepper shakers are adorable! They are a great conversation piece and if you have a heart for whimsy, like I do, you will love adding them to your d├ęcor. Although, they have made their way to multiple tea parties my girls have had. Their dolls give Krystal burgers a thumbs up too :)

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