Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pure Vitamin Club Daily Multicaps (90 Day Supply) Review

I received this product in return for my honest review.

The vitamins arrived at the perfect time. I had recently ran out of my Women's one a day and was reduced to taking 2 of the girls' Spongebob gummies a day. I'm usually a bit weary of new vitamins because my stomach can be sensitive to them. With our without food I can end up nauseated. I have to say these did not upset my stomach in anyway, but I did take them after breakfast every morning.

Right away I noticed a big difference in my energy level, I think that is in part to the B vitamins it contains. Pure Vitamin Club does contain 24 essential vitamins and minerals, they do base each dosage on the FDA recommendation of your daily allowance.  There's no binders, fillers, or extra added ingredients. This is actually a very allergy friendly daily supplement.

It's recommended that you take one capsule a day, but I thought the options for ingesting the vitamin were pretty interesting. For those who can not swallow pills, there is an option of adding it to a glass of water or even a smoothie.  For me, the pills were reasonably sized and easy to take.

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