Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Homekeeping Journal.

Today I am talking about the benefits to keeping a homekeeping journal. 12 years ago this month Barry and I married. I admit it, I knew absolutely nothing about being a keeper of the home. It was not something I had been taught or had interest in, in the least. It wasn't until much later in our marriage, when we decided to start a family, that I really became more focused and interested in keeping our home.

When Lilly Rose was little I decided that I didn't want her to enter a marriage without knowing how to maintain her household. I thought the best way to do this would be to write it down and make a journal. It actually benefits myself. I keep my recipes, shopping lists, to do lists, cleaning schedules, home made cleaner recipes, articles of encouragement, etc. in it. I keep my pages in clear sleeves so I can protect the pages (so I am not constantly reprinting pages and a pretty binder to hold it all together) and it serves another purpose, I can use a expo marker to mark things and wipe clean.

Four years ago I had complications after Emma Kay's birth. The end result was a week stay in the hospital, a scary experience, medications I have to be on for the rest of my life, and a TIA (mini stroke). After I got home and looked in my journal, I realized then how valuable it was. There is advice, experiences, and encouragement all wrapped into one in my journal. I hope it's something that encourages them when they get older. I want them to be able to miss my cooking and whip out my recipe to make. I want them to be able to answer "How would my Mom fix this or What would my Mom do?" I want them to see the sense of pride I took into building a joyful home for our family.

Here's a few sites I used for my journal:

For encouragement, print or write anything that moves you. It can be scriptures, photos, and articles. Just something that gives you a boost when you feel discouraged.

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