Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Have you heard of

Who loves coupons? Who loves free stuff? Who loves getting the chance to win a 25.00 gift card to Amazon every week? If you are a frugalista and about to fall out of your chair screaming "ME ME ME!" Then I have a site that will offer you all the above and MORE!

I recently joined a site called If you haven't taken a look at this site, you have too! As someone who loves deals and saving money...I love a site that compiles a list and is easy to use. Here's some of the great benefits of joining

  • It's FREE to join. Yep, FREE! My account was started and verified in seconds.
  • Everything you are looking for is divided into these great tabs. I'm not sure about you, but sometimes I am looking to save on shipping and sometimes I have free shipping, but looking for a rebate or discount. Most companies do not allow you to use both and this site lists these accordingly. You can look under "free shipping", "Dollar/percent off", or "rebates."
  • Your coupons are in a tab of their own and listed in alphabetical order!!! How easy is that?
  • You can share your finds with your friends, instantly. The buttons are so easy to use. I can't tell you how many times I find a great deal and when I copy/paste the link to my Facebook, it ends up a jarbled mess or worse I click off the page before I get the link! This is why I encourage sites to include more social media buttons. Great edition, Select Aware!
  • They have contests. That should be enough to join right there! Who is with me on giveaways, sweeps, instant wins, and contests? It's a passion of mine and my family loves the freebies it generates.
  • If you subscribe to their newsletter you are automatically in the running for a 25.00 Amazon gift card, that happens once a WEEK!
  • The "coupon by store" tab has to be my favorite. Less time and energy to find deals that I need. It's even in alphabetical order, as well. Super easy to use.
  • You can set up to receive email alerts for your favorite stores. I am doing this with Amazon.
  • They have a blog that offers more useful advice on savings here I suggest reading How to save big at a thrift store. I adore thrift stores and visit them often. I loved reading their tips.
  • The "Freebie" tab is AWESOME! I reserved a movie at Redbox and got a free rental. I would have never known that without Select Aware.
Overall, I give a big thumbs up. It really is a friend to us frugal folks and I look forward to visiting more often. They have a lot of stores that I frequently buy from on their list.

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