Friday, August 2, 2013

Compiled list of giveaways.

I love to enter sweeps and giveaways. Every month I compile a list on Wordpad and keep up with the end dates to check back. On this list I do include the date to check back to see if you have one (most are the day after the deadlines. I give the day so they can draw the winner and post).

I compiled these for myself, so they are in I forgot to put titles for what the giveaways are for (I orginally just made the list for myself and then decided to share...hoping it would help someone else). There are some great back to school giveaways on here! If you win..let me know. I love to hear of readers winning from a link I posted. I wish the best to you guys :)

Here's the list:!/CowgirlGems?hc_location=stream 8/2/13 7/31/13 8/21/13 8/17/13 8/15/13 8/22/13 8/09/13 8/02/13 8/07/13 08/08/13 8/14/13 8/15/13 8/05/13 8/16/13 8/04/13 8/02/13 8/02/13 8/04/13 8/15/13 8/29/13 8/06/13 8/02/13 8/03/13 8/15/13 8/11/13 9/01/13 list of sweeps 8/07/13 8/10/13 8/18/13 8/17/13 8/16/13 8/16/13 8/16/13 8/15/13 8/16/13 8/10/13 8/12/13 8/03/13 8/19/13

*Please remember to stay a fan after the giveaway is over. It discourages so many page owners to lose fans after a giveaway. If anything you can check "doesn't show in feed" and stay a fan, but not receive a status (you can just check a page for updates). Refer a page to your friends, if it's something they have been looking for and keep an eye out on the pages products for your future purchases.*

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