Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to blogging.

I am back to blogging! How I have missed Blogspot and posting things about homemaking. Barry and I did a little math...we realized that the cost of gas to use the library's resources was well worth investing in our own internet at home. Lilly will be in third grade this year and I am sure she will need it for reports. Miss Emma started homeschool preschool yesterday and I am supplementing ABC mouse with our lessons. I think the biggest perk for Barry and I was getting Netflix again! Being able to watch a documentary anytime I would like has just been awesome. I feeled so spoiled :)

Today we have been taking it easy. We bought a season pass to our local water park in May, so we have been spending a lot of days there swimming and picnics. We were hoping to go today, but we were rained out. We decided to just pop some popcorn and watch cartoons on Netflix (Oh, I watched Monica & David. What an amazing and lovely couple. Great documentary). We plan to have supper and visit with my Mom this afternoon. Barry is catching a quick catnap since he is on call this weekend. Praise the Lord no patients today so far!

Monday I plan to post our two week menu for you guys. I go shopping biweekly and it's based on Barry's pay period. I usually have a menu for one week and then carry it over to the following week. Biweekly I rotate it out. As most of you know I follow a diabetic diet and I realized this weekend that I really take how much my family supports me for granted. Since turning over a new healthy leaf on how we eat...everyone has just went along for the ride with few complaints. They want to see me happy and healthy and in turn they have given up a lot of their favorite yummy foods. This week Barry asked could I work meat loaf into the rotation. It's something he has been craving for a while and so I have set out to find a yummy/healthy/diabetic friendly recipe. I will let you know how it turns out. I then polled the girls and asked what would they love to see on the menu. Lilly said she would love to see chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, and carrots glazed in a bit of brown sugar (which I can use the Splenda brown sugar. Also, we use wheat slowly breaks down and great in moderation). Emma said she would love baked chicken and a She really digs thighs with the legs attached drizzled in olive oil and a house seasoning I made. So I think it's going to be a nice new change for us. Food shouldn't be boring and we need to bring the spunk back!

Before I go...I'm going to add some photos we took at our Ice cream night at church last Sunday. They decided to do old fashioned hand cranked ice cream and it really made Lilly's day to get to try crank. Poor Barry felt the after effects the next morning, but said the ice cream was so was worth it.

The girls playing tag.

Photo: My Sweetie, Barry :)

My sweetie, Barry.


Emma Kay

Photo: Great news!!! We decided to go modern again and went with Comcast for internet service. So new blogs to come :) Here's a couple of photos from Ice cream night at our church. Have a great Monday!

Lilly Rose

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