Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cream Cheese Pound Cake Triffle Recipe

If you were wondering what to do with that left over pound cake (I posted earlier under the Frugal recipes tab) or just jazz it up. This is the perfect recipe for you!

Yesterday we had a picnic at our church and I made a pound cake the night before. During the process of making it I decided that 2 extra ounces of cream cheese would be I added 8 insteand of 6. Well, there’s a reason they call for only 6 and it made my pound cake a little too tangy for my taste. I let it sit overnight and wondered what I would bring to the picnic.

Lilly Rose and I were browsing through some of my Facebook pages and one had this beautiful Memorial day triffle on it. She really wanted me to make it and I decided to try the ingrediants with my pound cake. To my surprise it worked out to be a great match with each other Although, I didn’t get a recipe for this triffle..I believe they used a angel food cake with theirs. So feel free to use any cake you like, but this is a great way to use up any extra pound cake you have.

Here’s the ingrediants:

1 Pint of blueberries

1 lb of strawberries

1 16 oz tub of whip topping

Little over half of your Cream cheese pound cake or cake of your choice.

Just start the layer out with cake, then spread your whip topping, layer with strawberries…leaving spaces for your blueberries (Use a clear bowl and try to make the layers pretty…I didn’t quite accomplish this), spread berry mixture all over the layer, and just repeat. Once you are done with your layers…put a little dollop of cool whip in the middle some berries on top of it and lay your strawberries across the top really pretty. You can kind of do a domino type style with them and then just sprinkle your blueberries about.

You can use one tub of cool whip on this (if it is the 1 lb kind), but I think I may use 2 next time. I think it could have used more white in the layers.

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