Monday, February 18, 2013

Can a balloon reach Heaven?

Good Afternoon! I really love being able to jump right back into blogging, so I am going to attempt two posts today.

First, I will start off by showing some pictures of my Chickaroo Sisters. As some of you know, my Dad past away on October 8 of last year and the girls were very close to their PawPaw. They have missed him terribly. This weekend so many new and exciting things happened and the girls just really wished they could tell him. Lilly Rose's tooth fell out Saturday night and Emma Kay had her first official day of Sunday school (she is normally in the nursery). Just exciting times for my girls. They wanted to know if a balloon could reach Heaven? I told them I believed it could and so we set out to write a message to PawPaw. With a frog balloon and a sharpie..they were able to write their messages and send them in the air via our back yard.  Here's a few pictures.......

I really think releasing the balloon helped my girls in so many ways. I know we have had years to know my Dad was terminal with his illness, but I honestly thought he would pull out of his last hospitalization. It does seem sudden to us. The girls are in an inbetween feeling. I praise the Lord for their faith in him and that has helped so much in the healing process. They know that PawPaw is in Heaven, but there's the other side of things...they just visited with him days before. He was smiling, picking at Lilly calling her Mermaid (his pet name for her), and Emma was feeding him animal crackers. To them PawPaw was going to be o.k. and he would get to come home soon.

The thing is...I know how they feel. I'm 33 and there are still times that I forget he is gone. There are times when there is something I want to tell him and I pick up the phone to call him. What brings me comfort is of the Lord's promise that there are no good byes when it comes to his children. We will all see each other again. I think MercyMe's song "Homesick" sums up a loved one's passing perfectly. I also have comfort that he was in a lot of pain and is no more.

So until their heart is healed...I will try to find little ways to brighten the girls' day and keep their memories of their PawPaw.

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