Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas blog in pictures.

Dear friends,

  Sorry it's been a while dear friends! I didn't mean to be gone from my blog this line. I still find it so much easier to post over at Facebook and sometimes I forget to show my blog the proper attention it needs. For that I truly apologize. If you are interested you can always find me at www.facebook.com/justanothermodestmom.

  Let's see...The Christmas season. It was such a blessing for us this year. First I will start by showing pictures of our recent visit to a local Christmas village here. My parents were actually up to par to go this year and the girls were so excited to have them come along!

When then arrived home, just in time, to leave food for the reindeer. We take some bird seed and let the girls scatter it around the yard.

Then it was the big day!!!!!

Christmas supper and Jesus' birthday party!!!

Barry bought me these jars at Kirkland's for 4.79 and I just filled them with candles/rocks from the dollar tree...I think it's the prettiest center piece we have ever had :)

 Every year we do a gingerbread house. It's our family tradition and we have never missed a year, but this year. We decided this year that gingerbread men would be so much easier on the girls.

Our birthday cake for Jesus.

  This year we decided to start a new tradition....a blessings jar. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the photo to load, but here's the jest of what the blessing jar is all about:

It's basically a mason a jar that I wrapped a ribbon around the top and then we took slips of paper....wrote our blessings on them (things we were thankful for in the year 2011 or things we hope to come in 2012) and put them in the jar. We helped little Emma-Kay write hers out and the xbox ended up in the jar twice :) So I think that's something that needs cutting back on...lol.

  We then found this wonderful book on Christ's birth, in comic book form, and on kindle. Barry then read us the story and the girls huddled around him listening. It was just amazing how intent Emma-Kay listened and how much Lilly-Rose knew about the Bible. We bought her a Reader Bible last year and she has read it from cover to cover. To listen to her talk about Christ's birth and then ask questions...it was just heart warming for us. To know that we have been doing such a great job on instilling such an awesome love from our Lord into our daughters hearts and then them...show that love of Jesus by speaking his word...Awe struck! I think that is one of the biggest smiles I have ever watched spread across his face. Especially when Lilly-Rose got on the subject of Jonah and the whale. She is such a smart cookie for 6.

  Well, that's my Christmas picture blog and I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope the upcoming year brings all of you many blessings and for me...more time to grow in the Lord, teaching that love to my children/husband, and blogging. I would love to use this blog more for the word of God and I am open to suggestions of improvements or great causes to support. I also want to thank you guys for sticking it out with me for all these years as a blogger. I have really appreciated meeting so many wonderful people and just thank you for listening to me.

In Him,
Crystal A.K.A. Just Another Modest Mom



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Unknown said...

I'm really glad how things have turned out for u guys u have a wonderful family and u r a great mommy. i love u guys