Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One word that would describe how I feel about my family or this week...LOVED.

I think it's been quite awhile since I got to sit down and post a blog. My cord has been on my laptop for a while and I was able to replace it this past week.

There so much that has been going on...where do I start? I will start first by saying I got to go home and spend a little time with my Sisters and Nieces. Her and I have been best friends for about twenty years now and now our girls are growing up together. It's just always a joy to spend time with them. The girls and I got to attend a Fall festival at their church. I enjoyed it so much and even got to see my Aunt Brenda! I haven't seen her in quite awhile and so that was a huge blessing.

They had games, a good hog in the ground...with lots of fixings, live bluegrass, and a hayride. Then we went back to my Sis' for a slumber party. Here are some photos:

Later that week we let the girls dress up and visit...Pawpaw, Papa, Memaw, and Nanny for some goodies. What did they go as? Little baby carrots...

Last week Emma-Kay and I decided to show support to a local fallen hero's family. Mr. Barfield was killed in action in Afghanistan. He was a very brave young man and I wanted to show our thanks. Emma and I spent a little over an hour waiting beside the road for the Angel flight to come in. It was a very sad moment to watch as family, friends, and his hearse came by. To us he is a true hero and very sorry for his family's loss. The Westboro "church" was actually going to picket his funereal. We have an awesome radio station here that made a deal with them...they leave his funereal alone and they would give them one hour of radio time in a prime time slot. They accepted and we did not have to worry about them bringing their hate to our area.

I would just like to thank Mr. Barfield and his family. He is a true American hero.

Meanwhile, Lilly-Rose is doing really great at school. She recently made A honor roll, A conduct, and Accelerated reader. We are very proud of her and she is was so excited of all her hard work. With A honor they give the kids a goodie bag and she really made off. She got a free session of skating, a free meal at Simple simons, a free meal at the red elephant, and I think a free play at a local kid's area here. Here is a certificate she won for her recent peanut project and her take on "Hiding" Tom was their project this week. We decided he would be well hidden by being a ballerina.

Other than that...this week is going to be pretty busy. Friday the girls are going to spend some time with Papa and Memaw for a few hours. We are going to pick up some Christmas gifts for the girls and Barry surprised me....He's treating me to a new outfit and some make up from Merle Norman. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a brand new outfit and most of you know...I am very self conscious about my melasma. The Merle Norman make up is the only one that covers it up on my forehead. So I am extremely excited. We are picking the girls up and then taking them to our Peanut festival. I will take some pictures and show you guys the biggest week we have here in Southern Alabama. It's a huge fair with concerts and lot of great food....LOTS of great

Saturday we are going over to our friend and Barry's co-worker's house. She gave Lilly a computer and computer desk. Lilly is beyond thrilled and has been talking about it non stop this week :) She's giving us a crock pot and George foreman grill...then letting us look around at anything she has for sale. It's like a private garage sale..very awesome and sweet of her to do for us.

Back to Memaws and Papas Saturday night. This is the BIG BIG night for Barry and I. We are going to see CASTING CROWNS and Sanctus Real in concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited? I have always wanted to see them in concert and they were sold out. One of Barry's co worker's had tickets they wanted to sell and he knew it would be a perfect surprise for that's our big date night. It's just going to be an awesome night. We haven't had a date in a long time too! Let alone getting one to go see Casting Crowns!!

Sunday!! Sunday is an awesome day! We finally are well enough to go to church and Barry isn't on call. The girls are very excited b/c this will be their first Sunday school there. We also get to meet the Pastor (he was on missionary work the last time we attended.)  We are so excited at the possibility of having a new home church. It's a piece that's missing in our life and we need that piece. The whole puzzle can't be put together without it.

I also wanted to thank my awesome husband and kiddos this week. I've been doing Bible study and getting a little discouraged in some areas. I mentioned that I would love to have someone to read a book of the Bible with me I could have someone to discuss it with. Barry hugged me and said..."Well, know I have been meaning to read Proverbs. Let's read it together." Then Lilly grabbed her learner's Bible and shouts "I will read John with you, Mama!" and Em grabs her little Bible story book and let's out some Emmish. It really overwhelmed my heart. Just knowing they love me so much to give up their time to read the Bible with me and spending that Biblical time as a's a feeling that warms your heart and makes you feel loved. I am truly blessed with Barry and the girls. I couldn't ask for a better family or a best friend. One word describes me this week it would have to be LOVED.


A_Esteves said...

I'm glad to find your blog! really cool! Visit my blog too when you find some time.

David said...

Looking at your photos I can see how truly blessed you are. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas in tru Christian harmony.