Friday, September 9, 2011

Things kids shove in their ears:(

Most of you know my little Emma Katherine..A.K.A: Emma-Kay and Mims. Yesterday she gave me the scare that falls in my top ten of worst parent experiences. Yesterday we were sitting on the love seat reading and she decided she wanted to sit behind me. She started playing with my hair and so I got out the bow box. I didn't think anything more of it until she started screaming! I saw her grab her eyes and so I thought she had something in her eyes. Then my eyes focused on her ear as I saw what horrified me....she had a bobby pin sticking straight out of it and it was bleeding! I immediately removed the pin as she was excruciating pain and it just broke my heart. I am not going to lie, I did panic a bit. I called Barry at work and I knew it was serious when he took off to the ER to ask a doctor what we should do. I was in the process of getting her things together and going to take her to the ER. We were told it was best to take her to a ENT ASAP or her Pediatrician.  I was able to get her in to her doctor within that next half hour.

Our pediatrician examined her and determined that she had just scratched her ear canal...the ear drum was indeed fine. We were all so relieved!! He gave her some drops and suggested Tylenol. When we left the pediatrician office she was all smiles and feeling much better. She still had some lingering pain off/on. We discovered at the pharmacy that her drops would not be in until this morning :( So it was Tylenol for the night.

I took the girls to the grocery store to get a movie, a lunchable (their go too meal of feel betters), and some chocolate chip cookies. When we got home the girls ate their goodies and snuggled on the couch for a movie. Later we looked through our wish book....The Oriental trading post catalog. That's when our idea was born. The girls wanted to do a bulletin board and so I told them that they could have one of the hall walls. We set to making a bulletin board from scratch and decided on the "We are fishers of men!" theme. The girls had so much fun coloring the board, fish, etc. Barry came home and joined in the fun. When it was all over this is what we came up with:

Underneath we put "__________ family monthly bulletin." I think it's a wonderful idea to do once monthly as a family. We had so much fun picking a theme, designing the board, and working as a family. I highly recommend making a family bulletin board for monthly inspiration.

In the end of yesterday..I just praised the Lord that Emma was okay. Things could have been so much worse and he just really protected her. I'm also dealing with some feelings b/c I feel like the world's most horrible Mother. It's my fault that she shoved the bobby pin in her ear. I'm the one that let her play in the bow box and I am the one that forgot there were pins in there. Barry has been so great reassuring me that these things happen, but I just feel I could have done a better job on protecting her myself. I just feel guilty and it just scares me how close she came to rupturing her ear drum. Even her pediatrician assured me that this happens...he told me I would be surprised at what kids will shove into places. He once had a kiddo that shoved a band aid up his nose and it was there for weeks...parents thought it was a sinus infection...bottom line everyone had the same reassuring happens, but I still feel like I could have prevented this :(

So please pray for Em's pain and that her scratch heals properly/fastly.

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Unknown said...

Aww sweetie I am glad she is okay, but trust me they really do all do stuff like that. Doug put chewed gum UP his nose while sitting in my mom's lap, cause she wouldn't give him anymore. yeah that was a trip to the ER only to have him finally sneeze it out before going back. Thank God.