Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lowe's build and grow and freebies!

Barry and I took the girls to the Lowe's build and grow on Saturday. We try to go when ever they hold these clinics and the girls enjoy them so much. I think for Lilly-Rose it's a sense of pride to walk from the front door to the back of the store with that awesome apron...with her completed badges. She loves the looks and high fives she gets. I think for Emma-Kay she loves being around the older kids and doing what her big sister is doing. She also loves the finished product and playing with it.

This past Saturday they had firetruck kits and they were so much fun to make. The big "TA DA" factor of the trucks was a real working siren! You should have heard the room on that day and my house all this sound of joy I tell you (sarcastically speaking, of

Lilly decided to pair up with Daddy and Emma was left with me ;) I'm usually pretty good at these kits, but that particular day I was juggling...a kit, Emma, being not so great seats, and my Dad calling me constantly. With all of this I accidentally hammered the bottom of Emma's truck upside down and during the hammering hammer head flew off and hit the wall. I guess I should praise the Lord for bad seats and no little ones hurt.

As we started to finish up and put the wheels on..I noticed I had hammered the bottom of the truck upside down. Now this makes for an interesting situation on trying to figure out how to put the wheels on. So I'm glad my Dad kept calling, b/c I remembered some of his engineering. Growing up my Dad could fix about anything, but nothing was ever in the conventional way. He usually had some weird way to rig everything up..that kept you scratching your So I took some left over nails and figured out a way to keep the wheels on. The great thing still rolled :) Meanwhile, Barry put the back wheels on the Lilly's CV joints was coming off her I didn't feel so bad then.

Bottom line...Lowe's is AWESOME for offering these clinics. The kids and parents get so much out of it. The time you spend together laughing and making memories is priceless. The pride that goes into making something of your own and showing it off..also priceless. The girls got to see both set of grandparents afterwards and show off their cool toys. So don't miss out on the 8th for a Monster machine!'s FREE! So very family frugal.

Join me Saturday on the I show you how to make this cool bow holder and how to do a double duty on your supplies. It's 2 great frugal Christmas gifts in one :)

One last thing before freebies. Frugal friend Aileen asked how the Christmas trees were filled on my post last Christmas. I filled them with broken Popsicle sticks...just lined them across and broke them for length. I think used hot glue and glitter over them :)


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Unknown said...

Wow on the hammer head I am glad no one got hit with it you would think they would check the tools before handing them out with little ones. Looks like ya'll had a blast though..