Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blessings unlimited review

I got this great journal to review from Unlimited blessings. First, let me say the shipping was absolutely one of the faster shipping times I have ever experienced. Customer service and shipping hit high on my list of things that are important in a business.

This is semi-hardback journal and the cover is beautiful. I normally try to look for pros and con's of a product, to give an unbiased review. I will be honest, I couldn't find one simple con about this product! I have really enjoyed reviewing it.

I haven't written in a journal for a while. I use to keep one for the girls and sadly I stopped, so this journal inspired me to start a keepsake for them once again.  Now I keep a daily journal of all their experiences and antics.

The paper of the pages were thick enough to hold the ink very and the words appeared very bold. 

I found the journal easy to write in because the journal stays open well. Each page is filled with inspirational words of encouragement and I found this as my favorite:

Sometimes we imagine that God must be shaking an angry finger
 at us or sighing with disappointment
if He truly knows every thought
we have and every word we speak.
But that's the beautiful gift of grace.

If you are interested in this product you can visit their page by clicking here Blessings unlimited and if you would like this particular item, it's item number 54616 - God's Heart Companion Journal.

I would love to thank Blessings unlimited for letting me review such an awesome product! The journal inspires me daily with God's encouraging word and  to keep such a keepsake for my daughters again. It was extremely kind of you. God bless.

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I agree..this is the cutest blog ever!