Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We had a special vistor this morning.

Lilly-Rose lost her first tooth last night. She has had two bottom wigglers for a few weeks now and finally one just gave up.

It all started yesterday, when we realized that one of her teeth was extremely loose and so we looked at some pediatric dentist sites, some suggested that gentle twisting could get the tooth to come out. So she set to work wiggling and by yesterday afternoon we were in the middle of a full fledged middle adolecent life crisis. She was now having quick doubts and wanted to keep her tooth. She started to cry wanting it to stay in. We had a talk about how it was going to come out and we couldn’t stop it, but it would be one of the best experiences of her life and one more step in being a big girl. For when your baby teeth fall out you get your big girl teeth. Then the wiggling was back on J

She was convinced before bed that her tooth would be coming out and asked to stay up later, so I told her she could stay up until 11 PM. Finally after 10 she wanted to look in the bathroom mirror and that’s when I saw that it was now completely detached from behind and was hanging on by a thread at this point. That’s when she reached in, grabbed, and pulled. The look on her face was priceless as she saw her baby tooth just laying there in the palm of her hand. Then there it was…the blood. She then threw her tooth down the drain declaring “OH MY GOSH, MAMA…OH MY GOSH!!” She then immediately began to smile and look at herself in the mirror. She asked did I think she was pretty and looked cool without a tooth…I told her of course! I told her she could probably whistle now or even put her straw in that missing tooth hole J

Afterwards, she began to panic. No tooth = No Tooth fairy? I assured her that the Tooth fairy would still visit. She then declared that the Tooth fairy was a good fisherman and was positive that she could use her fishing pole to simply fish that tooth out of the drain. Then she jumped down and woke her Daddy up. Afterwards, I was told to get on Facebook and message her God Mother Aunt Leisa. Then she wanted to call her Pawpaw (My Dad.) He lives for stuff like this and she was so excited to tell him that her tooth was gone, she is officially a big girl, and her Sister is going to…and I quote…”Panic when she sees my tooth gone!” Then I had to convince here not to wake up Barry’s whole family. They all live on the same land and Lilly decided she was going to call all of She wanted to call her Papa/Memaw first, then her Nanny, and then her cousins Caitlyn and Cierra. So she will be making her rounds today calling.

I was going to put the money under her pillow early this morning, but decided we would do it together when Barry woke up to go to the gym. So at 5 AM this morning here were are sneaking into our 6 year old Daughter’s room. If you know would know that covert missions for Barry and I are hilarious. Both of us were born with a whole lot of natural clumsiness. Barry decided he would be the money handler since I tend to drop a lot of things when I am nervous. We decided on a 1.00 and gold
Sacagawea dollar that her Pawpaw had given us a few months back. He gave me 4 gold coins, one for each of us, to remember him if he wasn’t already imprinted on our hearts. I thought she would go crazy over the idea of a “gold doubloon.” I tried to persuade Barry to wear a tutu, but to no avail J Thinking about it what would be more detrimental? Your Mom in your room trying to shove money under your pillow as she wears a hot pink tutu over her night gown or your Dad in your room trying to shove money under your pillow with a hot pink tutu over his gym clothes? I think it’s a fair toss up and Barry would probably look better in that tutu than me at 5 in the AM J

All and all operation “Not scaring our child into years of therapy” went very well. She’s still sound asleep and I can’t wait for her to wake up to see her gifts. As for the baby tooth? Mama, is said that I didn’t get to keep it. I really wanted to save that in her baby book, but I’m just glad in the end she found her courage, I got to catch a glimpse of that awesome little tooth, and she is happy with having a toothless smile. Before bed all I heard about was how cool are her classmates were going to think she was super cool and be so proud of her.

How was your first tooth losing experience? Can you even remember? I remember just a little. I know I couldn’t wait for it to come out and finally lost it in an apple. I then received a quarter for my tooth and become fascinated by the Tooth fairy. I then started to leave other gifts under my pillow for money until one day the “Tooth Fairy” AKA my Mom, left me a note saying the tooth fairy was now broke and could only leave money for I guess she wasn’t too keen on the many plastic necklaces and the one pickle under my pillow J

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