Thursday, July 28, 2011

A wonderful thursday.

I hope your Thursday has been awesome! Mine has. The girls had a bug earlier this week, but are feeling really great now. They have been wonderful all day and Barry even got off early! I call that a great Thursday indeed.

Today I decided I wanted a little bit of fall early. So I decided to make some Chili in the crock pot. I admit this was a different variation from my original recipe (I have been trying to cut food prices rise.), but I accidentally got 1 big can of whole tomatoes..instead of the 1 big can of tomato sauce.

Here's the recipe:
(1) big can of whole tomatoes with juice...smushed.
(1) small can of tomato paste.
(1) Mild chili seasoning packet.
(1/2) packet of Onion soup mix.
(1) can of kidney beans...rinsed and drained.
At this point you can leave it like that for a vegetarian dish or add hamburger meat. What I do is fry up enough to make a good size hamburger patty. I cook it crumbled and then run it through the food great for stretching meat. Also, all the listed food items were bought at Walmart and were their Great value brand.

I usually serve this with crackers, butter, and shredded cheese. I know people think I am crazy for adding butter in my chili, but it is soooo good! I got this from my Dad. I will either put a spoonful in and melt or just spread across a cracker. 

I also had a wonderful little kitchen helper..while Emma was down for a nap. Lilly decided to be my helper and smush all the tomatoes for me.

Here's some cute pictures of the girls after their baths this week:

Interesting story behind these Panda Pjs. I bought these when Lilly was around 3 and they are a size 4T. She now refuses to part with them and wears them quite a bit to bed. This week we discovered that she had grown out of them and it broke her heart. So I just cut the feet off and viola...that fit again :) She is now in a 6..So I'm wondering how much longer they are going to

Big news about Miss Mims. She has learned how to, somewhat, dress herself!!! It is amazing to watch her figure out how to put on clothes. Not to mention just pure cuteness:

She has on 3 shirts and a dress :)
Trying on Daddy's clothes now :)
Her first Masterpiece.

After helping me in the kitchen, I found Doots like this on our bed:

I hope to post more tomorrow. I have a coupon class tonight and have to get ready.

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