Monday, July 4, 2011

Visiting PawPaw.....

I hope everyone is having a great fourth of July! I'd like to thank all our men and women who serve our country..for all they do. I love America!

This week has been busy. I've been visiting my Dad in the nursing home he is now living at. He is there temporary for rehabilitation. I took Emma to visit him Saturday. Lilly was unable to go due to some of the issues she is working with, with the Autism and OCD. She panics when being touched by others and no one there means any harm..they just love when children visit and some can be overwhelming for a child. Due to the previous breakdowns she has had there, Barry and I thought it was best for her to stay home.

Most of the staff is AWESOME! They don't see them as patients, they see them as family and that's exactly how they treat everyone that lives there. My Dad seemed pretty happy with the overall living's just that he was very homesick and I can understand that. His room mate is very nice and protective over my Dad. He takes him everywhere (makes sure he stays on the and makes sure my Dad eats all his food. He also loves we make sure to bring enough for them both. They actually tried out the Peeled snacks I bought a couple of weeks ago (review to follow.)

Here's some pictures from Saturday:

One thing I found about the nursing home..was...I love the energy of some of the residents there. The staff have a big room where they visit, play games, gossip, or listen to the radio. On this visit one of the ladies (who was about in her late 80's) put the radio station on a rock station. All of a sudden "I've had the time of my life" from Dirty Dancing starts playing. The next thing I know one is clapping, the other singing, and Em looks at me like..."Mama, why am I not dancing?" So she proceeds to dance her little heart out.

The day ended and I thought it was going to be the set up for a great weekend. My Dad was looking great and didn't even need his oxygen tank Saturday.
Here's a picture of one of the rockers on the front porch. Before a thunderstorm that hit.

I came home to download all the pictures to my computer and to share. When I came across the following picture Lilly had left for me..without knowing and this is totally Lilly.
That's my girl. Instead of telling her, her eyes will stick like that...I teach her how to do it :) Cross my eyes is a speciality I have had since I was a kid.

Yesterday my Dad took a turn for the worse. I was called by the next town over (where he resides now) and told by the ER doctor that it did not look good. I needed to come in immediately and had to give them permission to intubate him. When I got there he was on a bipap machine and he was somewhat better than when he came in. They said he was blue when he came in and he was getting color back to him. He knew who I was and grabbed my hand. After that he seemed more at ease to rest...your body gives out so quickly from struggling so hard to breathe.

The doctor took me into another room to explain things to me. He sits me down and gets all serious on me..then says..."If I was family I would want a doctor to be honest with me and I am going to be blunt, Mrs.______. Your Dad is at the end and everything is failing him. He's in complete renal failure and will require dialysis." Of course I give him a look of relief and say "Is that it?" He didn't quite understand. I explained to him that my Dad has been in renal failure for 4 years and on dialysis for that length. He began to inquire about ports and such. I explained that the bandaging on his right arm was covering his fistula. He had a hard stick the day before and they couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I find it really appalling that the nursing home didn't send medical records or inform the doctor of my Dad's prior medical condition..all he got was basically a name. He also informed me that my Dad has pneumonia. So I inquired of having him transferred to the hospital that Barry works at and they did just that.

When I left him at MICU yesterday he was alert, holding my hand, and even trying to joke. I called this morning and the nurses told me that he was off the bipap and eating breakfast. I think there was a lot of fluid on him. The social worker had called earlier this week and explained to me that he wasn't staying his length on dialysis and so they were having to do it everyday Vs. every other.

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Unknown said...

good grief on the nursing home not giving them info on your dad for crying out loud. Emma is getting so big and I love the pic Lilly took. i can so see you teaching her to cross her eyes.. bwhahaha....
I am glad your dad is doing better hun