Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rearranging and other things....

Good afternoon guys! I am using Google Chrome today and I have to say...I'm in love! I think it loads way faster and I love I can finally bookmark pages. On IE I could bookmark pages, but it would jumble them up and they would never be under the correct title.

Yesterday both girls went to the eye doctor. I love when pediatric doctors feel for us Moms and allow them to be seen together. I was fortunate that Barry was able to get off and help me with the girls. Both had to have their eyes dilated and that was such a thing to see. They had to go back out in the waiting room to wait 15 minutes and poor Lilly kept bumping into everyone and things. Emma just didn't even want to Of course when it comes time to look through the machines Lilly has to be so "formal" about everything. They asked what did she see and instead of a person...she says a Human. Emma will just start screaming "Ohhhh....ohhhhhh...ohhhhh" when you touch her.

I have to say the eye doctor was very nice and this was the first time we have been to his office. This was Emma's first time at the eye doctor and so she was a little weary of him. Both girls have excellent vision and we talked about the imbalance in Lilly's eyes. One shoots off to the side (I also have the same issue) and he decided we could watch it this year and discuss either surgery or leave it alone later on. I really think they will leave it alone. It hasn't affected her we will just continue to pray on it. I honestly thought he was going to give her a patch. I had to have one and I would much rather he wear it during the Summer than at school. Those things are so aggravating. I have some really cute photos of the girls, but my phone refuses to load them to facebook for me :(

Other than that I have been cleaning for the most part. I am really trying to organize the closets and rooms. I just want to get rid of all the clutter in the house. I have some pictures I took from the beginning and will post a the end of this post.

After cleaning out one of the closets I discovered an old typewriter. I don't think I have used it since I typed out our wedding invitations. The immediately flocked to it and claimed it as theirs. When I tried to explain what it was...even Emma had a confused look on her Lilly was just amazed that you could type letter into it and it would print them out..without the use of a screen. At one point she actually asked me if she talked to it..would it print out what she was I told Barry I think I have failed the girls electronically. So I have been getting lots of letters typed out to me and I love them.

The new bed in our room. Love love love it! I also really love the new mattresses.
Lilly gets our old set. I am hoping the girls will eventually share a room and the set..then we can turn Em's room into a playroom.
Had to show this shot...I worked so hard organizing that book shelf :)
Got the toys down to one toy box :) There's miss Emmie...she's come to
Miss Emma's room. That's her toddler bed in the corner. She doesn't quite like it just we are taking it slow.
Em's toys were a little bit more tricky. Given her age, her toys are a little more bulky. So she was narrowed down to 2 small toy boxes.
Inspiration for the fireplace? Dutch painted canisters I picked up from the thrift store for about 2.00. I also moved the fruit trees over to the fireplace Vs. on the shelf above the love seat. I did have 2 really pretty topiary (s) placed there, but my cat Mickey took them out on 2 separate occasions.
The new couch.
New love seat.
Rearranged the hutch and decluttered it.
The chair and half or AKA...Daddy's chair :)
Took all the what nots (what do you call them? Nick knacks or here in the south we call them "watt knots"...that's what it sounds like and I've always pronounced them.) off the tv shelf...who am I kidding? They never stayed there with little Moved everything out of foyer and replaced with a Dora table for snack time.

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