Saturday, July 16, 2011

No internet and left alone with Microsoft word...will equal to a long post :)

Who is excited about the Norton house party kit? I got mine this week and so excited! Remember there will be a giveaway (S) this week on I do believe there is a badge on the right side of the page. Sorry if this seems poorly put together...I have a new connection and it's just quite slow. It's doing wonky things to my post and taking forever to edit.

I actually had to open and use my Microsoft works tonight (post made in Microsoft word Friday). Tonight started out as any other night. We were watching movies with the girls and having a snack. A storm moved through and we were enjoying listening to the rain. It was thundering pretty loud and then it hit….lightening! It struck our phone line and fried our router box. It was so close it made all our hair stand up on end and run to the middle of the It just purely scared us. We are just blessed that we are all safe and our house did not catch fire…if a router box has to pay the price for this…so be it J Poor little box.
This week Lilly (our oldest) went to Vacation Bible school soccer camp. I know it sounds a bit weird to combine praising our Lord and sports, but it works. I’ve been so proud of her and she has learned so much. For the past year she has been more and more interested in our Lord. She asks questions and so hungry just to learn more…she loves to clean her room and me read to her from the Bible. We also bought her a Kid’s learning Bible from Life way. It combines the stories of the Bible with reading comprehension. Just an awesome book and she reads it nightly. Well, everyday this week she has come home just brimming with all the new things she has learned about the Bible and new songs. They have been letting them listen to Audio adrenaline and when I knew the songs it just blew her mind. For once I think I was a “cool mom”, I am usually the “totally lame” Mom and I am fine with that. So on to the point of my story. Today the girls watched Opposite day on Netflix and Lilly asked did I like being an adult. I told her sometimes I wish I could be kid again (Ah, remember those days of pure imagination and energy?)…She tells me “Well, what are you waiting for? Be a kid again!” I told her that once you are an adult you are always an adult. It’s true L Sadly, we can be a kid again at some points, but we can never go back to those days of innocence and not knowing some of the things we have learned through life lessons. Some are blessings and some are things we don’t ever want to go through again. She looked at me and said “Mom, is this something you would like to talk to Jesus about? You know if you have a problem…you can talk to him about it. You want to pray?” My heart just was overwhelmed! It was one of those moments where you realize that all you have taught your child and all the experiences to grow in our Lord they have received. it’s clicked in their heart.

During this week I also had time to spend some alone time with Emma. We went exploring thrift stores and played outside. My heart broke for her in the mornings when we would drop Lilly off. She wanted so bad to stay with all the kids. She’s a curious little bird. She doesn’t like playing with kids her age and will actually run screaming in the opposite direction, but put her in a room with older kids and she is just a little social butterfly. She too also made me proud this week. When we would go pick up Lilly I would place her on the floor to mingle with some of the other kids, but not my Emma. She would simple prop her bear (she has a lovie named Bear bear) and climb up next to me on the couch in the waiting area. She would then just snuggle as tight as she could to me and just people watch. She was just a perfect little angel. To me it’s amazing at how different my girls are. At that age you couldn’t tie Lilly…she was just everywhere. She just does awesome at listening to me when I take her places. A matter of fact the ladies at the thrift store remark at how well she had been on a visit…didn’t even need a buggy and she walked around right beside me. They told her she deserved her little dolly she was getting that day. Of course Miss Em just ate that completely up…she loves attention.

On to the big news for the month of August. Our Emma-Kay will turn the big 2 on the 19th! Can you believe it has been 2 years since this little miracle made her grand entrance? I simply can’t. I got her a Veggie tales DVD (it was free and only paid 4.99 shipping. Normally this DVD is 14.99) and a picture book from Walgreen’s that is cloth covered (Also free. Normally 19.99 with 6.99 shipping…I only paid shipping.) We gave her book to her early and she just loved it! I can’t help but to go overboard with their birthdays. I just love making them cupcakes or a cake…decorating for a party…surprising them with gifts…we just think their births are a blessing from the Lord that was told to us would never happen. Their birthdays remind us yearly of God’s grace that he has so graciously given to us.

Then after Miss Em’s birthday is followed by my birthday on the 24th and our wedding anniversary. That’s right we got married on my 22nd birthday, so if Barry forgets either he is double whammed…lol. I will be 32 this year and I have to say that I am enjoying my birthdays a little more now. Being admitted on your 30th birthday, having eclampsia, mag sulfate therapy, a TIA, and being separated from your family…brand new little one at home…it puts things in perspective. Every birthday is another year I have been blessed with my family. It’s also our 10th wedding anniversary. I love our anniversary b/c who wouldn’t want to celebrate
being married to their best friend? I’ve just been very blessed in my 10 years of marriage and almost 11 years of being with Barry. We have had the chance to travel, learn more about each other, work together, went on the journey together to know our Lord, and we were even baptized together. Now we are parents together of 2 beautiful girls and still madly in love with each other. I have to say I am in no position to complain. Only praise.

Finally, I will be making a separate post on our “Toast family station.” I think it’s a fun idea for your older kiddos. It’s a big hit in our home and I just think you will really enjoy watching your “big kids” blossom as they are allowed a little freedom in cooking. Without it being so dangerous. Of course.

*Please forgive any punctuation errors, as this was corrected in Microsoft word.*

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