Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making memories and gifts....

So tonight I am up a little bit later than usual. I was putting together some birthday gifts for our Niece for her birthday.  Barry turned in early and so did Emma-Kay...Lilly-Rose decided she wanted to stay up and help me pick out ribbons.

We got the following made:

This lovely little Gerber clippie with butterfly bottle cap middle.

A bow holder in "WWJD" and "Jesus loves me" ribbon :) We added 2 little butterflies on the end to tie in with the clippie. I'm going to make a couple of more bows later this weekend. I really hope she likes it and it's just a lot of fun making things for those you love. Our girls just really look up to their cousin (She's just an awesome little girl. Very smart and beautiful) and so I love when they help me do/make things for others. It's a great way to make fun memories, teaching a great Christian lesson on giving to others with a whole heart, and I am passing on something I really love to do to them. It made me feel so great when Lilly asked if I would teach her how to make more one day she could make them for her babies.

Then the plan to start on Lilly-Rose's new flip flops. I got a deal on the clearance aisle at Walmart for a pair of navy flip flops for only .50!! My plan was to make her Auburn flip flops to go with her Auburn hair clips I made her a few months back. She was so excited that she accidentally cut Emma-Kay's sandals(she was pretending to work on Emma's sandals.) Not wanting to throw them away...I decided we could do a makeover and I could possibly save them. I used some glue and ribbon to piece the back strap back together... and cover our work. So now Emma has some funky new boutique style Summer sandals with her own new Gerber clippie to match.

So instead of tossing out those play your craft drawer and see what you have to jazz them up a bit. There's nothing to lose if you were going to toss them out to begin with :)

Picture of one of the sandals before and then the after. They are your basic pair of Granimals for 4.99 at Walmart. With a few pieces of ribbon and a have a funky frugal new Summer set. I just simply used materials I had left over from past bow making adventures. So if you see anything you like, I can probably recreate these for you at Chickaroo Sisters Creations . I am just getting back into making bows, hats, etc. ...and selling them, though now they are just made upon request. Mostly I am hoping to turn the page into a DIY help page for Moms or anyone who love making little ones boutique type items.

The next picture is of a frugal makeover I did in my dining room. I had a really large painting hanging over my dining room table and we took it down..donated it. I then decided to hang a blue willow plate set that I already had. I bought these about 7 years ago at Kirkland's for 4.99 for the whole set. I bought the salt/pepper shakers at Dollar General for 1.00 and the sunflower arrangement I bought almost 9 years ago while at a flea market with my Mother in law. My final find is something I have been looking for, for a very very long time. I have been looking for a sunflower pattern vinyl table cloth. I finally found one at Walmart for 4.99 by Better homes and garden. I finally feel the dining room is complete and in my favorite willow print and sunflowers. I will post the rest of the room later this week. I am still rearranging my china hutch.

This is just an example that you can do a frugal makeover in any room with things you already have and pair them up with just a few items that are within an affordable budget. I only spent 6.00 for new decor in this room and used what I had already in our home. My goal is to use what we have and donate what we are no longer using. I feel we will get the most out of our items this way and in return it helps keep our house orgainized...decluttered.

Here's a before picture of what the dining room use to look like:

I think it gives it a more open look and it really does make the room look brighter.

Well, I better get in bed. Morning will be here before you know it and the girls are looking forward to a day outside in the sun. Honestly, so am I! I have been sick with a migraine for 2 days this week and I feel very blessed the Lord has took the pain/nausea away. Also, may I ask for a couple of  prayer requests? I have 2 unspokens I could really use prayer on and we are still searching for a home church. There's a church I feel the Lord has moved us to trying and we could use prayer as we try a new church this weekend.

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Unknown said...

I couldn't make those bows and stuff my fingers won't let me, they are too cute though. I agree your dining room looks much bigger and brighter with the blue willow and sunflowers