Friday, July 1, 2011

The Chore chart...

A couple of months back, I posted a link on the page about a printable chore chart (I want to say the link was from Money saving Mom. Please forgive me if I am wrong.) So the past couple of months I have been working on it and ordered a organizer from Amazon with my swagbucks...making it free.

Here's the finished product:

I found the hardest part of this project...had to be laminating the cards by hand. I rarely ever laminate and so I went with the lamination sheets at Walmart. Now that I have found the joy of laminating...I would love a machine. I even made memory cards for the girls afterwards.

All and all I have to say the job chart has been one awesome experience. Even little Emma-Kay is on the chore chart bandwagon. Each loves they have their own line, that's labelled with their name, and has their own cards. The most popular cards are the Bee-havior cards. No one wants to lose those. Those hold some really great goodies. A bee-havior card can get you a toy out of the treasure chest all the way to more time on the family time on the xbox.

I found that the girls were more willing to do chores without losing track or complaining. I've never seen Lilly work as hard as she has this past week. Emma is still too young to fully grasp the awesomeness of the It's now become a game to see how many chores can get down and how many cards she can gather. Yesterday she walked in the kitchen, grabbed a bowl, filled it with water, and left it out for our cats. She wanted the "feed cat card" and we have automated feeders, but I let her keep working. She does things without being asked and I think that's just a great part about the chart.

So here's our job chart and this would be easy for you to make too. You can actually make your own cards with clipart and works on Windows word. Then you can purchase the chart holder at Remember if you are member of Swagbucks, you can use your Amazon gift cards and get your chart for free. If not a member yet, I have a link on the right hand side of the page and trust will love Swagbucks!

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