Saturday, June 18, 2011

Up late on a Saturday night...

I don't think I've been up this late on a Saturday night in a long while(after I guess this would be considered Sunday.) I am hooked on watching The's on Netflix now. I am 2 shows away from being done. I must say that I don't understand how a network did not want to pick this up(I heard it would not be airing on TV.) It's a very fascinating show. The actors are spot on and I think Barry Pepper as Bobby....he looks and plays the part to a T. I've also always admired Jackie O for her grace and resilience.

Let's see...lots have went on this week. Friday we got our new furniture and I am in love :) It looks so pretty all set up and the bed/matrresses is AWESOME! I have slept so good at night. I have to admit that at first I was a little disappointed with the living room set. We ordered green and they brought mocha, but now that we have it...I love it! I can see it going with everything. This is how comfortable the living room furniture is....I had Barry take my blood pressure..after resting on it. My blood pressure was running 110/70! That is wonderful for me and that was an hour before my second set of BP meds I take during the day. Here's a picture of the bed:
As soon as I get the living room arranged I will post pictures of it. I'm still contemplating on getting some new lamps. I just haven't found any in my price range yet.

I've been trying some new things with the girls' lunch. We've been in a lunch rut and they are tired of the same-o same-o boring lunch. So I mixed it up a bit this week and tried a new menu. I made them ham/muenster cheese pita paninis and gave them a side of craisins. They were on sale this week at Publix for BOGO. The sandwich was a hit and they ate every bit. The craisins...Emma LOVED them and gobbled them all down...Lilly didn't like them so well. Also, if you are looking for something sweet to follow you lunch up with and to cool you off...their Popsicles are BOGO right now as well. I got 2 big boxes and they are sugar free..only 15 calories per pop. We all give these 2 thumbs up as a family. Here's a picture of this week's new lunch:
Tomorrow (or later this we will go to Barry's parents to celebrate Lilly's 6th birthday. Papa and Meemaw are cooking her a special lunch. I got the girls tutus and will be a cupcake party. Then on to visit my Dad in the hospital and my Mom who is there with him. Barry's parents will be sending them a plate and we are cooking cupcakes so they are easy to carry up to the room. So a fun and busy day!

Monday I plan a main sweep of all the house. This includes going through the girls' toys again and cleaning out this dreaded hall closet. I want a place for coats and my it all has to go. Cleaning out for room for the new furniture this week has inspired me. I also plan to spend some time with my Mom. I am taking her to a apartment complex for senior citizens that is really nice and located just across the street from my Dad's dialysis. The waiting list is 6 months to a year, but the goal is to get them on there.

Tuesday, Barry and I plan a date afternoon :) I scored 2 movie tickets off of Fandango for 9.00 a couple of weeks ago. We thought that maybe Papa and Meemaw could watch the girls for a few hours and we catch a viewing of Super 8. We have heard great reviews. BTW, if you like sci-fi type movies...I am number four is awesome!

Wednesday through Friday....who knows what the girls and I will get into. I have a feeling a trip to the art museum is in order and of course swimming in the front yard. Maybe pick those last remaining apples....I forgot to mention Lilly has her first wiggly tooth! She is beyond excited. She has high hopes that with this tooth gone(I told her apples help)...she can finally whistle. little Mama's growing fast too. She can now say Mom and tattles on Lilly every chance she can Which is only fair considering Lilly does the same to her. So now when there is a fight over a toy I hear 2 little sweet voices screaming "MOOOOOOM!!!"

All and all I am looking forward to this week. Now, I better log off. It's 1:25 AM Sunday...goodness :) Oh, I am sad as I watch the last episode of The Kennedys. Such a great series and it was worth losing a few hours of sleep.

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