Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sky is the limit...

Thought I would start the day off with a picture I took of the sky. I was outside with the girls watching them in the pool and decided..why not get what the sky looked like too that day :) I remember as a kid laying in the yard and watching the clouds go by. I always liked looking at the shapes and sometimes my Dad would sit in the swing in the yard with me. I always liked for him to look with me, b/c he had a great imagination. I remember once, when I was about 5, I told him that I was watching the clouds and I seen a man in a helicopter fly upside down over our house. My Dad took it from there and told me that his name was crazy Sam and he knew him. It was fun watching the sky all afternoon waiting from Crazy Sam..lol. It was a whooper I started out with and in the end my Dad had me believing it. I think that's a great memory to start out with today.

As some of you know Lilly-Rose "officially" turned 6 yesterday :) She started the morning by telling me "Well, I don't feel 6 Mom." I asked her how old did she feel? "I think I still 5." I told her that 6 would probably get some taking use to and I imagined by the end of the week she might start to feel six. She's so curious and wants to grow up so fast. She had a million questions about what do six year olds do? I told her they may loose their first tooth (which she has started to do), they can stay up an extra half hour, they can pick out their own clothes, and when things don't go their own way....they talk it out with their parents...not have a tantrum. We've been having some behavioral issues with her on how to handle feelings of being upset. Last night she tried her best to work through them...w/o resorting to falling on the floor or kicking (some of you may know she has other things going on...so this is a huge step for her.) We talked about how she could say instead "Mom or Dad...I am upset...this is the reason why......" She started to have a meltdown and we worked through it. She's also into baby movies now and discovered the movie Baby Geniuses..lol. I don't think I have ever seen her sit through a whole movie like that and she giggled all the way through it.

Emma is growing too. It never fails that the day after Lilly's birthday I start to think of how my baby is going to be one year older in August. These toddler years just seem like they change so much in a year. I think I am most amazed by her trying to talk now. We never had that experience with Lilly and it's just amazing to see this little bitty person trying to say new words. My favorite is...Mom and she calls Barry...just simply...Daaaaa. She's in the habit of coming up to me, grabbing my shirt or skirt and saying over and over "Mooom...Mooom.....Mooom" when something doesn't go her way. She loves to tattle on her Sister and she can point too at her..lol. She's also a Mama's girl and so it's hard for others to watch her...even her Daddy. It's just so weird b/c when I went through the PreElampsia and Eclampsia after she was born...I had a TIA and spent  a while in the hospital after her birth. I thought surely she wouldn't know who I was or be more bonded to Barry. I cried the whole time I was there longing to just hold her. Today she's a Mama's girl. She will just come by, tug my shirt, hold up her hands, I'll pick her up...she'll just lay her head on my chest, and melt my heart. She's started to want to do conversations and so she will stand in front of you and just jibber away. When you say "Really?" or "You don't say Mims!" She just giggles and keeps talking. While she loves her Mama she adores her Sister. When she gets up she wants to go to her room and just lay next to her. Lilly proclaimed yesterday that they were best friends.

While, I can say that both of the girls are Mama girls during the day...they are all Daddy's girls in the afternoon. Lilly usually starts asking around 4 what time Daddy will be home and then she gets her...and Emma ready to meet him at the door. They like to draw pictures or hide under the table at the door to scare him :) Of course when he walks through that door they are tired of Mama and it's all about Daddy..lol. Makes me fall even more in love with him...when I see him with our girls. He's the type of guy that can play Barbies or wrestle with them. He also doesn't mind a good tea party or letting them play doctor and wrap him in Kleenex with tape from head to toe..lol...that has been done. They like to wrap their arms around each leg and let Daddy pull them to the kitchen or hang off his arms. In their eyes he's the strongest guy in the world. The other day Lilly was talking about when she gets to be older she was going to get married and have a husband. I asked what he was going to be like and she said simply..."Like Daddy...I want him to be just like my Daddy."

So I sit here thinking this morning...during my morning reflection...as everyone is still asleep. Why not start a praise journal? I can write down just how I feel everyday about my family and maybe one day give it to my girls. I would love to let them know just how thankful I am to be the wife of their father and mother to my beautiful Chickaroo sisters. I think my family is my greatest accomplishment in this life and I would never have been able to do it without the Lord. He knew I needed Barry...so he placed him in my life and we prayed so hard for our girls..he let me be their Mom. I would love to start each morning out with Praise to the Lord.

So new Summer resolution...keeping a daily praise journal. How about you? What's a Summer resolution you would like to stick to or start this Summer? Why wait until New year's when any day we can turn over a new leaf :)


Unknown said...

Just be4autiful Crystal. I can picture the girls just giggling and I have a feeling they are the kind that giggle all over, a laugh for them requires the whole body and those are the best kinds of laughs..

Homemaker Highlights said...

Angel..you know I love you. Always...always encouraging me with your wise words.