Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Planking and other randomness of a Tuesday.

Quick embarrassing Mommy moment of the day. I was in Walmart picking up some things for my Mom while she is in the hospital. Lilly was asking what I was looking for and I name off the list. As I am looking for the underwear department I run into a classmate from high school and we do the normal polite hello. Then Lilly is standing there with these HUGE peach granny panties screaming "Hey Mommy! Mommy! Is this your underwear?" Me: "No, no it's not...please put it back." As if having one child that talks and reveals/says the most embarrassing things at the most inopportune times was enough (to think of all those nights I prayed on my knees for this little one to talk. The Lord fullfilled my prayer and then some..lol)...Emma has learned how to smile and wave. So now I feel like one is flagging people down and the other is throwing out family secrets or exaggerated stories that need to be kept in the vault. By the way I am pleading the fifth on my underwear. I just don't like it announced to all in Walmart when I am purchasing a pair...especially when it's for my Mom.

My next random thought is Planking. Have you heard of this new....well......I have no idea what you would call it...sport, fad, acts of whackadoos, etc.  I would just google it and you should find a whole host of planking stories gone terribly wrong. I didn't even learn about this until someone tried to plank on a seventh floor balcony and unfortunately he was not successful. My condolences go out to the family of this young man. So more and more young people try to find new and stranger ways to plank...it just seems really dangerous for some.

So I was talking to Barry about this one night (b/c I sent this picture of our cat to him via text message...with the caption "Roger planking"..lol. He thought I had lost my mind or maybe a concussion from flying toys.)....I googled it for him and showed him the pictures off the Planking Facebook page of different people doing the pose. Lilly looked at some of these pictures and thought they were just weird. I thought "Finally! Something she will not try." I proceeded to give thanks. You know it didn't end there, right?
Picture of Roger planking:
Picture of my Oldest Daughter planking and youngest...who dragged her pool into another pool to play in it:
So any interesting fads pop up in your household?

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