Saturday, June 4, 2011

Picture blog of our bug day.

Lilly-Rose and I decided to attend our local agriculture museum's bug even today. I have to say it was more of a science class than a hands on event. Lilly seems to get bored and at one point I saw her pretending that her fingers were talking to one another. She did great, stayed quiet, and waited patiently. I on the other hand found it very fascinating and I learned exactly how roaches can survive after their heads are cut off :/

Outside the classroom they had different stations set up. The most fascinating station was the Honey bee. They have an enclosed fully functioning bee hive in clear glass. They have tube that lets them in and out from the building. It was just absolutely amazing to see God's creatures at work. At this station a little boy walked in and announced proudly that he found a white oak snake out on the nature walk. I admit I am terrified of snakes and I actually got closer to it than I expected to. I will also admit that he was a cute little fellow, but Lilly walked right by me and began to pet it. I love that my girls are just fearless. I'm not sure who they inherited that from, but I love it.

After class we visited some of the buildings on the grounds. This is the place I mentioned on that is the agricultural park that we are considering buying a season pass for.

I'm dabbling a little in photography and I a total beginner, but I am trying. So I posted some of the photos I took today. Unfortunately, Miss Emma Kay is sick and so....her and Daddy stayed home. I believe she has a little tummy bug and she just doesn't feel all that well :( She is actually in my lap as I write this blog.

After visiting some of the buildings...we went to the drug store they have on site for a fountain Cherry Sprite and 2 old fashioned chocolate milk shakes. These are the kind you need a spoon and straw for. Then we went off to play on one of the two playgrounds they have on site.

So I will bring this blog to a close and will say that I am coming back to blogging. I have really missed it and feel like out of all the hobbies in my life...this has been the best. I have so enjoy researching different blogs, reviewing products, and meeting some awesome new friends. I just really miss that. I will also have a review coming up of Amazon's new 3G Kindle. Between my swagbuck Amazon gift cards and Amazon gift cards from our bank (for using our debit card) I was able to purchase it at a very low cost. Barry has proclaimed this to be his best Father's day gift ever :)

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Unknown said...

I have missed you terribly and was soooo happy to see you post. My baby girl is getting so big.. I would have been right with you on dodging the snake.. this mama don't do snakes lol.
I think your pics are gorgeous. I am supposed to be getting a photo editing program from Doug's gf that I can do some work with..