Saturday, June 11, 2011

My wonderfully sweet Husband....

I admit this past week has been tough. I've had a lot of stress on me dealing with some things going on within my immediate family (parents.) Barry could see that things were wearing on me and then the girls broke the love seat. All I can say is...It's been tested and proved that Lilly can not indeed catch Emma.

If you haven't seen our living room set....well....what can I say? It's an ugly brown and has been through 2 kids...lots of cats (I use to rescue cats before my days as a Mom.) The past 3 years I have resorted to using slip covers for them in hopes to jazz them up a bit. For those of you that know me...know my dislike with a passion of all things slip cover-ish. So my point is...we had no so nice living room furniture and I wasn't feeling all that well.

Barry came home early on Friday and said he had some place special to take me. I knew it had to be one great surprise, b/c they always begin with this cuteness of a grin from ear to ear. So I got the girls ready and off we went on my "surprise" adventure. After almost ten years of marriage....he never ceases to amaze me and can still be so romantic/sweet. That's his nature with me and the girls. He loves to spoil us rotten, within reason.

We pull up at our local furniture store and I am a little confused. He tells me that he knows I've been under a lot of stress and knew that I have always wanted a new living room set. He told me our budget and for me to pick out any set I wanted! Well, of course I was excited as they come. This is our first brand new set of living room furniture, ever!

After some time carefully looking at all the other furniture...I found a set made by Simmons (the same company that makes mattresses) and it was in the perfect color I wanted. It's a light green color and oh so comfy! Their set is actually double stuff and made out of the same material they use to make their mattresses. I loved the design on the pillows and the fact that this set was built to last. Very durable and we went with the option of scotch guarding it. Along with the set was a set of coffee tables. I didn't need the tables, b/c I had a perfectly good set of end tables at home. So I asked could we just nix the table set and add the big overstuffed chair that went with the set. I could see Barry using it as a reading or gaming chair. They gave me the chair for the same price as the tables...just minus the Ottoman. I admit, I loved the Ottoman, but I can see potential danger in owning it. The middle part lifted up for storage. I could see either Lilly putting Em inside...sitting on the top and refusing to let her out or them torturing the cats by putting them inside.

So here's my 1st brand new living room set:

As we were waiting for the salesman to get the paperwork together for the living room set...I was admiring this beautiful cherry wood sleigh bed. I have always wanted a sleigh bed and Barry could tell I had fell in love with the bed. He looked me and asked did I love the bed? I told him I did. I thought it was gorgeous! So we admired how well built it was and the color. Barry said he wanted to look at the mattresses at that point. We went over and found a set by Lady Englander....laying on it felt like a cloud. He went to the back and I thought he closing everything up with the living room set. He came back and informed me that the bed was now mine! He told me that it was an early birthday and 10th anniversary present (since we got married on my birthday.) I just thought "Oh, how I love this man!" It's not the material things he gives me, but the attention to details that he remembers about me. He remembered all these years it was a dream of mine to have a sleigh bed. I've just always admired their design. He remembers when I speak..which means he is listening.

Here's a picture of our new bed:

We decided since we got a new bed that is cherry wood and our old set is pine...we will be giving it to the girls. They are beyond excited to have a whole queen bed to themselves! We are leaving in about a half hour to go pick out new comforter sets for both beds. The girls are wanting something with a lot of pink in it. Me? I'm great at picking out quilts and I take so long to make up my mind about I'm just not sure what I am looking for yet. I know I want our new room to be simple, minimal items, and maybe to have a serenity type feel to it. So I was thinking maybe light blue.

I'm just so excited!!!! Everything will arrive on Thursday and be delivered on Friday. Barry is he will be here to help make sure everything gets put where it needs to go. I have rearranged our furniture a million times before bed in my head.


Sue said...

That is awesome! What a great guy!! Enjoy your new furniture!!!

Homemaker Highlights said...

Ty so much Sue! I have to say of all I love the bed the most. It is so comfy! I just want to stay all day in it if I could. I can't believe how much having great mattresses can really change your sleeping at night. It's just been so awesome not having to wash slip covers or fool with them on the living room set. I really dislike wash day with