Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lilly's birthday party and Father's day...

Today was just an awesome day! I have had such a great time with our little family, Barry's family, and my parents. It wasn't just a Father's day was also a Birthday celebration for Lilly. As of tomorrow she will be officially 6 years old. Can you believe that?

She informed me that she would love Barbie cupcakes and so I thought...what if I do pink and black? Classic 1950's Barbie colors. As I got to making them she decided they looked more like LaLaLoopsy cupcakes. So that's what she named them.
We then went down to Barry's parents house to celebrate Lilly's birthday and Father's day. I have to say his Dad makes the best food. I love his's my favorite and I love anything else he cooks. All their veggies are so fresh, b/c Barry's brother farms. So the peas were out of this world this morning . They tasted exactly like my Great Aunt Mae's.

So we celebrated Lilly's birthday first with a cupcake party:

Let's take a minute to say Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband Barry:
Now on to family.....

Then we left to do it all over again with Nana and Pawpaw :) My Dad is in the hospital and my Mom has been staying with him to keep him company. At her request and a made me promise not to post any pictures.

All and all I have to give thanks  to the Lord for a wonderful day. I thank him for the husband he has given me..that is such a wonderful father to our girls and for the family he gave me...when I married Barry. I am also thankful that my Dad is here another father's day with me and that I have a Mom to visit.

Now I am kicked back watching a movie with Doots. We were suppose to have a slumber party tonight, but she decided she wanted it tomorrow night...since Sister had to turn in early. Bless Emma's heart...she was tired out and missed her naps. You can imagine how she felt by 7:30.


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh the older Emma gets the more she looks justs like a dark haired version of Lily. I never realized it till these pics though.. Both are adorable and I wanna come snitch them for a vacation lol

Homemaker Highlights said...

I hope one day I get to come visit you, Gene, and the boys. Could you imagine how much damage we could do on a
You know what Doots says Monday...I bet when I was was the best day of your life Barry don't go gettting vain on us Doots. Emmie does look a lot like her sister. If you put pics up of them at the same's amazing the similarity in them. I also think she looks a lot like me when I was a kiddo. That hair of hers and those big blue eyes are going to get her in trouble one day )