Monday, June 6, 2011

Lilly-Rose's K awards ceremony.

I admit I was a little sad that Lilly-Rose's class didn't have a graduation. Instead they called it a award ceremony and then took back that they could wear their Sunday's best :(  When we arrived and I found that they got to wear these cute little hats...Mama was happy. Look how adorable!
I admit I was teary eyed and just thinking about all she has accomplished in these past 5 years.  It just seems unreal that I am now a Mom of a first grader. After she received her K diploma and awards in....Accelerated reader, A conduct, and Good citizen....we went to her classroom for the very last time.
There I had a chance to admire both of my beautiful and smart little girls. I got to thank Lilly's teacher for one last time and for one last time I posed for a picture with my oldest the room that started her wonderful schooling experience. You know the beginning of her having world domination or the United States presidency. I am really not picky or demanding of the Chickaroo Sisters at all ;)
Of course we had to get a family shot in:)
To help celebrate her accomplishment Papa came to her awards ceremony. He hasn't missed a single one since preschool and our girls absolutely adore their Papa(Barry's Dad.)
Then the graduate had her own photo made with her diploma.
During all this Emma-Kay was great for the first 20 minutes. After this point she really didn't see the point of why everyone was carrying on for her Sister. I mean after all she was basking everyone in her Emmie cuteness! So she was pretty ill after all was said and done. I think in her mind she was saying "I'm made, upset, hot, and dang it...I WILL graduate from something today!"

All and all I would have to say I have 2 of the most awesome daughters around. Everyday leads to something new and amazing that they surprise me with. While I may cry at certain junctures of their know that a mix of being proud is in with those tears. I do long for them to be my babies, but I will rejoice in their accomplishments.

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Unknown said...

Tell Miss Lily I said stop growing up already.. her and Miss Emma.. dagnabbit..