Friday, December 3, 2010

Kids buying on a budget...

I wanted to start the blog off with a great Christmas find! I originally bough 2 bottlecap necklaces for 5.00 (A BOGO deal) from Lil' Kitchen candles on Facebook. When she thought that shipping would be postponed just a dab she contacted me and asked would it be okay if she included 2 additional necklaces for any delays. I just want to say that I LOVE these necklaces! She was awesome at helping me find the right ones for my daughters and the shipping was not long at all..for me..I ordered them this weekend and they were here yesterday. I've ordered from home companies before and I know that shipping takes a little bit longer sometimes. I just wanted to tell you guys that out of 10 stars..I would give Lil' Kitchen Candles a big 10! She has a great quality product, price that you can afford, and wonderful customer service. These are the top 3 things I always look for when buying an item and coming back to that person in the future.
Yesterday was a blast for Lilly-Rose. The Senior's home here held a Christmas shop. Everything in the shop was made by the Seniors and set at great prices. The kiddos were to bring their Christmas list and their budget with them. They then matched them to a "shopping buddy" (our local firemen and Policemen) to help them shop. Once done the gifts were wrapped for free with purchase. Lilly was so excited to spend her 11.00 that she has been saving. Barry said she was just like her Mama when she said "I don't think I'll have enough for wrapping." When she found out it was would have thought she won the

These are some of the items she purchased yesterday. All were wrapped that were on her list and she also had enough left over to purchase more items for her classmates.

She got Emmie a Jingle Bell necklace.

Picture frame for Papa.

Necklace set for her cousin Ciera.

Lilly and Santa.

I just want to thank our men and women that protect our community for volunteering. I know they work very hard and they took time to give back to our children. I was in awe and so was Barry. He shook Lilly's shoping buddies hand and thanked him for all he does for us and told him how much we appreciate him shopping with her...protecting us. It just made her night to shop with a police officier. To her they are heroes and right she is.

Daddy and Emmie waiting on Sister.

Barry bought me this cute dress for my dish soap bottle for 2.00! You know your husband loves you when he will purchase a dress for your soap and comments that he made sure to get the right colors for the kitchen:) I love that man!

Daddy and the Ems again.

Santa and Emmie. We found out that Emmie is NOT a fan of Santa. She kicked him, screamed, and tried to get away from him. On a side note..she will take candy from
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Since I have a new webcam now and we have been practicing some recipes..I will be posting a play dough recipe and a Oreo cookie ball recipe. I decided I would like to do some cooking vlogs...though most will be healthy and sugar free baking. We found out this past week that Barry is in fact glucose intolerant and, some might remember, that he did a sleep study..that also came back as he has that as well. He has another appointment set up with a sleep specialist to see if he gets a CPAP machine for nightly use. He also has a Ortho appointment this coming week and we are praying they will find a way to offer him some relief with pain. The possibility of surgery is there and after praying over it, Barry feels that if it will offer relief, he will go through with it. So please say some prayers our way as we deal with his health issues.
I hope everyone is having a great start to their Holiday season, drive safe, and remember to be alert as you Christmas shop.

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