Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jump Rope for heart

First I want to start with some WONDERFUL news today!!! Barry recently had some liver tests to come back not so great. His liver enzymes are high and the doctors are unsure exactly why. He's been through a lot of tests...including RA. He also had xrays done, which showed he had a lot of bone spurs. The doctor's said this was abnormal for his age and he is in constant back pain. So with the elevated liver enzymes they need to know why and they needed a ultrasound. When Barry called to make the appointment we were told that it would need insurance approval...something we have never had to wait on just really worried us that we would have to pay out of pocket Vs. procedures with Blue cross, when done at the hospital he works at, do not have copays. So hopefully we will know something tomorrow and please pray for him. We are hoping for a good outcome. A few years back a cyst was found on Barry's liver and we were told not to worry about it..Well, that's all we have done since the above news. Barry is really leaning towards it's fatty liver, but we don't understand how his liver could be damaged. We don't drink due to religious beliefs and he will rarely even take a Tylenol for his head. We also found out that he may be insulin resistant as please just say a prayer for him. The approval for the tests needed is a miracle for us.

Today was Lilly's Jump rope for heart at school and I volunteered. She has been practicing for weeks for this day. She made me so proud seeing her jump out there for such a wonderful cause. Emmie, bless her heart, wanting to jump with them. It broke her heart when she couldn't join in on the phone. She was accidentally hit in the face with a jump rope and we ended up having to leave early. I felt so sorry for her. I was holding her when it happened and the little girl that was a accident....she just wasn't paying attention behind her. The look on Em's face was one of she just didn't understand why someone would hit her and I think her little heart was hurt....she stopped crying as soon as I walked out of the gym and got her something to drink to cool her off. We came home and had a special afternoon snack to make her feel better. Ugh...that little face of hers can melt your heart in a second.

Things I found out today:
  • I give out so easy. I was out of breathe from handing out jump ropes, moving to different stations, and keeping up with
  • A hug and kiss will make even the gloomiest days brighter.
  • I am thankful this morning when I woke up with central heat and running hot water. When I was growing up we had one gas heater in the living room and we usually had to boil our water on the stove for hot baths.
  • That alarms go off for low batteries and will not shut up. I had the alarm go off for nearly 45 minutes today non stop. UGH it made my head hurt. The key pad would not work and so no code could be punched in. I ended up having to disconnect the power supply.
  • Emmie will sleep through the above and yet...will wake up when her binky falls out of her mouth at 3
  • That I need glasses. One person I knew at school had to come up to me to say hello and I thought it might be him, but I couldn't tell that far off and dismissed it as not it was. Lucky for me he's family and understood.
  • I was at a red light and just a waving thinking it was my neighbor turning....again...I need glassed. That was a total stranger and thank goodness for growing up in the south...we will wave at anybody here..that's just how we are. And if you do something crazy we will just wave, smile politely, and say "Bless their heart...they don't know any better."

Also, I want to make another challenge. Let's do a homemade Christmas. I will be making every single ornament and decoration that goes on our tree this year. I plan to make all of them with the girls. We do have a fake prelit tree...all the rest will be homemade. Who wants in? Let's do a contest. We can post pictures of our trees and hold a voting...let's see who can come up with the best decked out the most frugal price. I will come up with contest rules soon, prize, and we will try to get this done before the first week of we can see each others ideas and maybe use them on our trees.

Lilly-Rose jumping rope!

Emmie's "Like Whatever" pose:)

Mama hurting because she popped her hip out of joint by carrying Miss

Lilly's poster. Her heart heroes were: Her "bestest cousin" in the world Gabe. Fun fact about Cute Mr. Gabey. His Mom and I have been good friends for over 6 years...yet...we have never met. Yep, we started out as Christian pen pals on a site and it feels just like we have met. We have went through our TTC together and pregnancies together...I remember the day Gabe was born. Gabe was born with TGA and is doing awesome. He is one of the smartest little boys you will ever meet and Doots just thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread:) She also picked my Mom...My Mom had a quintuple bypass a few years back.

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