Monday, November 15, 2010

Guess who can forge her Mom's initials?

Lilly brought this gem home today from school. Not only did she get in trouble today, but she also forged my initials. Did I mention she's in Kindergarten? Ey ya ya! We had two things to talk about this I think her teacher is going to get a kick out of my note tomorrow "Dear Mrs. ____, I have spoke to Lilly-Rose about her conduct at school and for the situation of forging my initials. Thank you for all you do, Crystal ____"

I told Barry I didn't start to master the art of forging until about 7th grade. I admit..I wasn't a saint as a kid. I would rather be fishing than in class. My Mom approved a lot of river outings without her knowledge. Lilly is only in Kindergarten and I admit..this was a curve

I think there may be a freebie post coming in the morning. Barry has his sleep study tonight and as my Sister says..."You can't get any rest without your better half." I miss him already and he has already been texting me from the hospital. I asked him was he suppose to be texting during a sleep study:) He misses us. We haven't had a night off like this before that hasn't been call related. I just miss my best friend and I'm praising the Lord this will be his final test.

I suppose I will watch some Lie to me on Netflix to take my mind off things.

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