Friday, November 12, 2010

Frugal Christmas decoration ideas. You can decorate your whole tree for 4.50!

I started early on my Christmas tree decorating ideas. Some may remember a previous post I mentioned decorating our tree in all homemade items and later this month I will also be doing a giveaway to the most frugally decorated tree. I plan to hold the contest from Thanksgiving day until Dec. 5...the winner will be reader's choice.

I'm sorry my pictures are out of place below. Blogger refused to let me move them to the proper place.

For the crafts below you will need the following (all can be found at the Dollar Tree):
  • Popsicle sticks.
  • 3 pack of glitter.
  • Mini glue gun sticks.
  • PomPoms.
  • Christmas ornament hooks.
  • Google eyes.
  • Poster board (It's 2 for 1.00.)
  • Popcorn (I used one box of microwave Kettle corn. 3 packs come in the box and I popped all three bags.)
  • Needle and thread mending kit.

Based on my calculations, aside from the original purchase...assuming you have some of these items on hand in your craft surplus, my total for all the decorations was 4.50. I had roughly half of all the supplies left above after everything was made.

I purchased 3 reindeer kits last year for 1.25 for each box. Each box contained 20 reindeers. Remember the sales at the end of the season. Candy canes have a very long shelf life and always read the expiration dates. I plan to use 2 boxes for decorations on the tree this year and 1 box for Lilly to hand out at school. I did not include the cost of these in the above price due to ..not everyone purchased clearance items last year. This was something extra for the tree. We also purchased 2 more boxes of candy canes at the dollar tree and I did not include those as well. I am thinking of putting glitter on some and using...others we will eat. Candy canes go fast in this household and on Christmas Eve. Candy canes magically appear for Christmas morning:)
I'm not sure if everyone is as Crazy for Paula Deen as I am, but I found these beauties at the Dollar tree!!! I haven't had a chance to bake either yet. I will do a review this weekend.
Now, on to our decorations. I know some of decorations may be considered "homely" to others, but the important thing is this...We had so much fun making them. The house smelled of popcorn, we had yoohoos (They are at the dollar tree this week. 3 pack for 1.00!!), giggled at each others jokes, giggled at our mistakes...I hot glued a google eye to one of my fingers, we watched a Christmas cartoon on Netflix, and it did so much for the girls' confidence. They were showing me their crafts every five seconds asking me how pretty they were. Emmie mostly wanted to eat the PomPoms, google eyes, and snacked on popcorn. The above is Lilly's rendition of our stick family. Green is Daddy, Blue is Mama, Purple is Sister, and Red is Lilly. We make a good looking stick
Lilly's idea was the cross with Jesus on it. She just really wanted a Christmas ornament with Jesus and heart on it. We toyed around with a snowflake ornament, and a Christmas tree. For the glitter I simply hot glued where I wanted it to go and sprinkled glitter on it. It dries whole lot faster than glue and adds a extra dimension to things. I also use a bowl and hold anything I want to glitter over it. It catches all the glitter for no mess and you can poor it back into the shaker. The Christmas ornaments on the tree are google eyes and add a 3D effect. I think placed glue on top of the google eye and then glitter.

This was a project with poster board and tracing the girls' hands/feet. I also forgot to mention that I hot glue the ornament hooks on back of all the decorations. I put their name and date on back of each ornaments. The feet are reindeer:)

We buy Christmas ornaments every year for keepsakes. This year we made the girls each of their ornaments and the year to remember them by. The girls could not wait to show their Dad the ornament they made for him. It is made with Popsicle sticks, poster board (I drew the letters before I cut them out), and the polka dots are google eyes with hot glue/then glitter. I also made an ornament of me and the girls as well.

Lilly with our finished popcorn garland. This one was super easy to make. I popped 3 bags of microwave Kettle corn. The girls and I snacked on it as we worked:) You start by threading a needle and thread from your mending kit. I left the needle connected to the spool. We started with adding a pompom, then five pieces of popcorn, and repeat. Make the garland as long as you would like. Once done take the end and wrap a knot around the top of your last pompom. Just repeat the same for both ends.

Here are some pics of the girls enjoying themselves making decorations:

There you have it...Our frugal Christmas decorations. As I come up with more ideas I will post. If you have an idea that you would like to post just email it to me, directions, along with your name, and/or blog so I can link it back to you. Once a week I will post them to my blog as I get them daily I will post them to Just Another Modest Mom on Facebook.
Remember your decorations don't have to be perfect....what matters is having fun and making memories with your family. Remember the old saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I know lots are struggling this Holiday season and want to make it special for their family, but have limited funds. Look at this as a awesome deal. You get to spend time with your family, have fun, it's entertaining, making memories, keepsakes for a long time to come, and it's frugal.


Karisa said...

You've got some great ideas that I'm definitely going to steal for my tree! You should also check out this free eBook from for more ideas if you know how to sew:

Most of the projects in there look like they'd be pretty frugal :)

Homemaker Highlights said...

TY Karisa...will do. Thank you for reading and commenting.

Unknown said...

My babies are getting so big.. Iam loving the ornaments and I am totally stealing the Paula Dean cupcake books..

Homemaker Highlights said...

Hey Angel those were her cupcake mixes...chocolate and yellow cake..I'm going to cook some tomorrow.
Ty about the girls...they are getting so big...Emmie is starting to talk and Lilly want's already got her a little boyfriend at school.

Aileen said...

How did you do the little Cmas tree? What fills in the center? These are fantastic ideas!