Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Encouraging our children to read.

Starting a new segment here on Just Another Modest Mom. Lilly-Rose would love to become a blogger to. When I asked what she would love to do...she wants to go the way of my friend Angel (Who Lilly has watched with me...her blog linky is to the right in the side bar)...she said she would like to do "movies" and then post them. So she wants to be a vlogger. I then asked what kind of 'vlog"? She replied "I would like to read books to kids, Mama."

Doots has always looked books since she could pick one up. When she was old enough to turn the pages she really loved pictures books. She started reading at 4 and now is in the accelerated reader program at school. She devours books she can read on her own and I try to supply her with as many as I can. Her favorites are the You can read books and Dr. Seuss. My favorite book when I was her age was Green eggs and ham. Her favorite is The cat in the hat and she can read it from cover to cover. I know we read it at least once a day. So I will be posting a vlog weekly of her reading a book. I am hoping to promote the joy of reading in other little ones lives and offering a challenge of sorts. I will make a post weekly...where you can post a link back to your blog and/or Youtube account of your little one reading or you reading to your little one. Let's fight illiteracy by starting with our children at home.

I am very passionate about reading. It has affected my life closely. When my parents were children they had to quit school early to pick cotton in the fields. It's just how it was back then. As a result my Dad did not learn how to read and hid it very well in his life for many years. Like Lilly I started reading at 4 thanks to my Mom. She would read me books and even the Enquirer..lol. When I was 5 my Dad started buying me the local paper so I could to read him the news and he could keep current with events.

I know you are wondering how my Dad hid it for many years and how he made it through being a truck driver for most of those years. My Dad has always been great at directions and he does know road numbers. That's how he got through driving and for other situations..he simply would say he forgot his glasses...so usually those people would read it to him, he would hand it off to one of us to read, or take it home. In 1st grade my Dad started having to register me for school due to my Mom working. I would have to fill out all my enrollment papers and by second grade I had grew quite embarrassed of this. Other kids wanted to know why I had to fill out my papers and my teacher once asked. I used the glasses excuse and was upset about it. The following year we were at the table and I told my Mom I did not want my Dad to go with me on the first day of school...I said I was embarrassed because he couldn't read. The look on my Dad's face...I can still picture it today and being a parent now..it makes me want to cry. I hurt his feelings so bad and I know I was just a child, but I wish I would have never said those words. I wasn't trying to be mean...I was just frustrated with the situation.

Two days later my Dad contacted our pastor at our local church (Also, the principal at my school) and was enrolled into an adult reading program that he taught. My Dad went every week and I remember him bringing home homework. He would have me sit at the table with him and help him. I know my Dad was doing this for himself, but I think he was more so doing it for us kids. My Dad caught on very fast and was reading in no time. Those days are long behind him now and he has no issues in that area.

I am very proud of my Dad and being an adult now...I realize just how hard it probably was for him. Statistics show that roughly 10% of Americans are illiterate. That's over 25 million Americans that are not able to read or write. It's also said that another 45 million is functionally illiterate. How many in the world are illiterate? 26% and that's over 1 billion! I find those number so overwhelming. I can't imagine how one can function in today's world without being able to read or write. Also, what kind of career would they be able to enter and in return a living that they could provide for their family. I think it must be very hard for an adult to admit that they can not read or write. Especially in today's society...one that is so desensitized and offers little to none sympathy for anyone.

Here are two particularly disturbing facts I found on www.sil.org/literacy/litfacts.htm:
  • Women make up two-thirds of all non-literates.
  • In all developing countries, the percentage of children ages 6-11 not attending school is 15%. In the least developed countries it's 45%.

So I think Lilly's idea is a awesome idea and I really want to encourage her...to encourage other children to read. I think we could do so much with this. I think a give away is in order for the future and maybe we will do a story writing contest as well. It would be a great way to have those little imaginations come alive and you never can tell what little writers we have in the midst.

I would also like to add that I am open to any books to review. So if you know of any great book reviewing sites or there's a company and/or person reading this blog today, that would like to donate books for reviews...we would love to help!

*Warning..post wrote with wondering toddler. May contain missing words, interrupted thoughts, and poor punctuation. Thank you for suffering through it..lol.*

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Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji Kamson said...

as a blogger and female writer from a developing country, my passion is to help educate women and children especially through my writing. i am happy to know that other people are doing the same.

ibifiri Mobolaji-kamson