Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday ramblings....

I have been on a short vacation. I am back and look forward to more blogging.

Things have been super busy here. My internist retired and I had to find a new one. I have been going through tests with my new internist...since my former did not keep very good records. I want to really thank him for I had to do a EKG to make sure my heart is handling my high blood pressure well and it was normal...Praise the Lord! They have also put me through some more tests for my thyroid issues and to make sure I am not diabetic (since both my parents are.) I should get those results by next week. The only thing that seems to be going on right now is white coat syndrome every time I approach the doctor's office. I took my cuff and it's reading correctly. I will be 100/70 here the day before and then when they take it there 146/92..go figure.

Barry has also been through some tests. They also thought he was diabetic and it's undecided right now. They thought for a minute that he was hypoglycemic, but it turns out that he could actually be pre-diabetic. We hope to know more by next week with him too! His RA tests came out negative and we are very happy about that. His back does look horrible and he has some horrible bone spurs...possible compression fracture. I asked him how did it feel to be a MRI tech and having to be the one on the table We are praying for a good outcome on all his tests.

Last week I became the official leader of Lilly Rose's Daisy troop at her school. I am very nervous about talking in front of everyone and having a hard time finding anyone to let me use their facilities for a meeting. I am up for any ideas anyone may have. I am really looking forward to starting the troop and getting to spend time with the girls. I am still learning the ropes.

The girls are doing wonderful! Lilly Rose made A honor roll, perfect attendance, and accelerated reader at school. She is now in the advanced reading class. Emma Kay is cutting teeth on top and bottom. She is also getting very smart and giggles so much. The other day she was having a hard time getting up on the couch and I watched her as she tried so hard. She then just stopped, went/got the diaper bag, set it up at the base of the couch, and climb right on up:) I also see a tight bond forming between them each day. Emma waits for Lilly to get off the bus...then squeals in delight as she runs to her. Lilly can't wait to hug and kiss her. Lilly also thinks of her Sister when doing things. I recently taught her how to use the toaster for waffles...she cooked her one and put one in for Emma without being asked. She then served it to her with a juice as a snack. Needless to say...I am impressed daily by my sweet girls.

So big news since last writing? As some of you remember a few months back the girls did a shoot for the Children's hospital. They got to feel like movie stars and ended up in a magazine about their story. Well, they started popping up on billboards here and now they are all over well as our local area. My Dad has been bragging about them at dialysis and now all the great folks there are calling them movie stars...asking for their autographs when they visit..basically giving them the big One lady even told me she cut their magazine article out and it is hanging on her wall at home. So here are some pictures and I will update again tomorrow. I have a ton of pictures to post:) I have updated a lot of them on my Facebook page.

I thank you all for having Faith in my to keep posting and allowing me to stay on your lists. I appreciate that very much.
I will be going now....I have to finish up my agenda to my first Daisy scout meeting, read the girls a bedtime story, and get ready to visit my Sister in Christ tomorrow. She recently had surgery on her leg. Please, say a prayer for her. She is desperate to be able to move about again. I am kidnapping her tomorrow for lunch and maybe a thrift store...if she is able.

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Unknown said...

Look at them and how big they are getting.. Can you remember when they told you Lily was autistic and I called you.. Yeah do ya ever call them and go PLLFBBTTTT on the phone to them?? I would lmbo..