Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bob the builder cake....

Tomorrow is Lilly's 5th Birthday party!!! She decided she wanted a Bob the builder party this here's her cake. I will give you guys a low down on how I made the cake.

  • I used a box cake mix from Walmart. In this case we used red velvet cake mix. I always prepare it how I have seen Paula Deen do it...3 eggs and milk instead of water. I also usually add a smidge of this case it was not needed.
  • I used this type of pan....
  • I also used a regular circle cake pan for a one layer cake. You are going to need approximately two boxes of cake mix for this.
  • I then cooled the cakes and inserted the frosting for the inside of the cake. I then followed the directions on assembling the rest of the cake.
  • Once the first cake was assembled I took the remaining cake in the regular cake pan and cut a shape for the front of the hard hat. I was planning on using the rest to build accents on the hat...but, the cake turned out to be too tall for this.
  • I then used frosting to hold the pieces together. Sorry, I forgot to mention I did the same when I assembled the first cake. Once that was done I frosted the whole cake and filled in the crevices really well.
  • Then I took hot glue and applied glue to the bottom of the candles/bull dozier. I figured this would be easier to transport to the park and no one will be eating that part. I then covered the outside of the items with frosting w/green food coloring. Once that was applied I used brown sugar for sand and covered random areas of the board. You can purchase different size cake boards at Party America for under a 1.00..they are very sturdy.
  • For the cake topper I used the top of a juice bottle. Bob the builder items are hard to come by and expensive. We happen to stumble on these juice bottles at Walmart in the juice section that were Bob the builder. So I saved the top and hollowed out the inside of one of the cones...once that was done I just applied hot glue to make it stick. That covered up the drinking spout very well.


  • I used a basic cream cheese frosting recipe I got out of a Amish cookbook. For every 1 package of cream cheese...use 1/2 cup of butter, 2-3 teaspoons of vanilla, and then pour your powdered sugar in 1/2 cup at a time. The sugar is really up to you...the sugar can make the frosting thicker and sweeter. If you need to thin out your frosting..use milk. I suggest just a drizzle at a time. When you start the frosting out...cream together the butter and cream cheese...then you add the remaining ingredients. For this cake I used three packages of 8 oz cream cheese.
  • I like to use Walnuts in my cream cheese frosting and that is strictly up to you. I like to run them through the food processor or beat them in a zip lock bag before hand.
  • For color I use regular food coloring. I do small batches at a time with the color I am working with. This just ensures I have enough to go around and I don't have too much of one color.

This weekend I will be doing a post on how to do a Birthday on a budget! This includes food, decorations, games, goodies for guests, and even the present. I will show you how you can have a awesome party from well under 40.00...with the right opportunities:)

I will also be posting a Oscar Mayer prize pack giveaway tomorrow night! As you know (from my Facebook wall) Lilly's birthday is sponsored by the Oscar Mayer Thrill of the Grill party by We have some goodies given to us by them and I will share some with you guys.

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Gwen said...

Hi Crystal,
I wanted to list my blog for you, I do have a few of the cakes that I have done on my blog. But I try to keep my facebook and blog separate, I am nervous that way :) I have a few relatives that can be cruel.