Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday coupon overview....

Did you grab a Sunday's paper? If not...check your local newsstand and, usually, they will sell extra copies all through out the week. Here's a overview of some of the best deals I found in our Sunday Paper this week:


4.00 off Nivea body wash for women. This would make it FREE!!!!

3.00 off Nivea bdoy wash for Men. Making it roughly 1.97 if you purchased the 4.97 one.

10.00 off any Ultratouch Ultra meter making it 55.48 if purchased at Walmart.

There were also tons of coupons for boxes of chocolates for Mother's day.


Has a coupon that you take to the beauty counter to find your perfect match of perfect foundation. When you bring the coupon and a match is get to take home a FREE trail size of your ideal shade.


Has a coupon for 10 tokens with no purchase. This one would be for our local area.


Has Mother's day events going all week long. All events are from 6-8PM.. Monday..You can purchase a flower and make a corsage.Tuesday...You get a free spa clay pot(no purchase necessary...Barry and Doots are attending this one.)Thursday...You can purchase a T shirt and they have a Mother's day Tshirt event going. Friday...You purchase a frame and they are doing a make-it take-it event. Saturday...10AM to Noon They will be making FREE Mother's day cards. Also, later that afternoon from Noon-1PM they will be having a FREE Mother's day Wilton cookie event. Michaels also has a 40% off coupon in the back of their circular off any regular priced item. You can only use this coupon from 5/2/10 to 5/8/10.

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