Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frugal photo and movie making...

Today I decided to do a post on Frugal photos and movie making! Both are easy peasy when you get the hang of it. It just takes a little patience and practice.

For months I have been wanting to make a movie for Barry with the song "Cinderella" By Stevin Curtis Chapman. I wanted to incorporate my wedding dress and just didn't know how. I had a few ideas and some of them included a tea party outside. Then I finally did it yesterday! Out of the closet I brought down a dull green plastic bin that contained our wedding stuff. Some were table toppers we had left over, the six pence I wore in my shoe, the pin I gave my father, the unity candle we made part of our service, my wedding dress, and veil.

My wedding dress....ah, the wonderful memories that go along with this dress. Not just that I was a size 7 at least once in my life..lol...but, it had a chocolate stein near the V. Barry and I promised we wouldn't smash each other with cake. But, if you know me..you know I love to catch people off guard. I'm the type of person that will pretend to throw a frog on you and find it funny. So with the encouragement of both of our families...I went for it. I smashed the cake all over Barry's face...lol...only after he had fed me my cake first...of course! Well, I forgot his cake was chocolate and due to a car accident two days before our wedding..I wasn't much on being swifty. Wham! Right on the dress as I tried to dodge him. Also, on my dress there is a huge foot print on my train. This is where my Daddy gave me away and then proceeded to walk down the aisle back to his chair...walking on my train all the way down..lol. So after the wedding I refused dry cleaning. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of the chocolate stein or footprint. I felt like if I got rid of them...I was getting rid of that moment. I know it sounds corny.

So as I sat there with my wedding dress and smiling...I thought how can I use this? So I started playing around with the girls. Of course Lilly wanted to try my dress and veil on. So we got some pins from the sewing box and set to work to make it wearable for her. For Emma...well, I love her in a diaper...my baby has the cutest little rolls in the world! So I thought the look with a veil and simply wrapped in my dress with the beads showing. She also found a bride knick knack(is that what you call them?..we call them what nots in the south..sounds like watt knots..lol) that we had on one of the tables at our wedding. She loved playing with it. One thing about Skeeter is...she loves her baby dolls. She is my girly girl and Doots is my tomboy. Well, during taking the photos..Lilly asked could they play with one my tea sets. Normally I have them up and out of reach of little hands. But, I took it down and they begin to play with it. I took a ton of photos and some of my favorite is them playing with the tea set.

After the photos were done...I set to work to make them look a bit more softer. Before taking them I had a feeling I would lead towards Sepia tones. If you notice I do have back drops in the photos. That was easier achieved by using my wedding dress train, bed skirt that was white..draped over Em's crib, and a quilt off the living room couch. That's right..nothing fancy. For the music I took my 5.00 giftcard to Amazon from Swagbucks and purchased my song. I then used Picasa(free download from Google) to edit my photos. From there I used my movie maker on Windows and viola....FREE Frugal keepsake for Barry, the girls, grandparents, and myself. Also, with movie maker, if you have the premium, you can burn DVDs for anyone that may want one. So what went into my gift? Not money...but, just time.

Making movies on Movie maker...is my little escape and stress reliever. It involved three things I love in life: taking pictures, looking at pictures, and listening to some of my favorite songs. I never use a song that doesn't have a special meaning and I don't mind listening to fifty times while I edit..lol.

So there you have it...Frugal photo and movie making. I will post some before pictures and after using Picasa. That way you get a really great idea of just how much you can do with editing programs. I will also include some of my favorite pictures I took yesterday. I always think photos come out a little grainy on movies.

Before Picasa:

After Picasa:


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nice slide show i like the music too :)

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I love those!!
thanks for the tips!

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Very cute!
I really like!