Saturday, May 1, 2010


There will be a new topic on Just Another Modest Mom...Frugal date nights and they will all be under ten bucks!!
Long story short...Barry and I only have his parents that watch our little ones for any kind of date day or nights. So it's rare that we do have a date night to ourselves. Just because the kiddos are home with you...doesn't mean there can't be a date night! You can have one at home and to be honest..they have been some of the best we have ever had. Once the kiddos are in bed you can cook a romantic supper and much more! On the nights we have date nights...we make sure to include something fun for the girls too. After all, they enjoy and deserve a special treat as much as we do. So we cook a special supper for them, let them have special snacks, and watch a movie they pick out. So Lilly has her special treat below that she made for her and Emmers.
For our date night we broke out our wine glasses from our wedding day. Neither of us drink we splurged on a Apple soda from Mexico(it can be found in the ethnic aisle at Walmart.) I had this particular soda when we use to visit my parents. Their community has a large Hispanic community and the local store carries all kinds of wonderful things from Mexico. While shopping for some produce one day at the stand I discovered apple soda and loved it! The one I had was a little different from this brand. The one I had was very carbonated and a lot of flavor...almost like carbonated apple cider. This particular brand we picked up was a little sweeter, a little less flavor, and carbonation...though it still complemented our supper. So menu and prices:
Mundel apple soda: 1.78
Filet Mignon: 2 for 3.69
Baked potato: 2 for less than 1.00
Strawberries: 2.00 a carton
Chocolate (it was 1.98 for a bowl...we used half): .99
Grand total of gourmet date night at home:$9.46
We made the ambiance with our favorite music (we also have a cool country hymns CD that just music and no words...very soft. I also recommend Gregorian masters of chant), candles we already have, our centerpiece was a fruit bowl(which I make bi weekly and leave out for snacks), and mushy memories with our wine glasses from our wedding day almost nine years ago.
The chocolate covered strawberries were the grand "ta da" so to speak. They were super easy to make...just melt the chocolate and dip. I then placed them on wax paper, put them in the fridge for 15 minutes to harden, and then transferred to this wonderful platter I received from my friend Lissa at my bridal shower. They bring romance, wonderful to eat, frugal price tag coming in at just under 3.00(I didn't use quite all the carton), and super easy to make.
The plating of our meal.

Now for the girls' frugal treat. Since we were having a Mommy and Daddy date night after they turned in for the night...they also got something special. Lilly picked a choco banana kit for her and Em. You can pick these up in the produce section on the end caps at Walmart. The kit runs about 1.19 and bananas were about .60 for this project. You need four bananas halved. The kit includes everything you will need....including wooden sticks. When you first open the package of chocolate really doesn't look like enough to fully do your does stretch out. Also, your bananas will need to freeze 1 hour prior to prepping. The prep was super easy...very easy for kids. We just poured the chocolate into a glass for dipping. You just had to tip the glass for full coverage and no mess!
The finished product and kit we case you would like to grab one at the grocery store. I didn't try these...but, Lilly ate at least 3 before bed!!!
The girls enjoying their treat. Since it involves freezing the bananas it was really easy for Em to eat and when bananas freeze..then thaw..they become pure mush. So perfect snack for those that don't have teeth yet...but, are pros at eating solids.
We followed up our night by watching a movie off of netflix on the Xbox. If you don't have a netflix account you can rent from the redbox for .99 a night! You can also plan your kiddos bedtimes and supper around a movie on the TV...that even goes for those that do not have cable(like us.) Regular local channels are bringing back movie nights!! Watch a old DVD you have or even watch your wedding if you have it (Unfortunately, we only have it on video and no longer have a VCR/DVD combo..Lilly thought a peanut butter sandwich and a doll would be awesome in there.) You can also play games...scrabble, monopoly, yahtzee, and so forth. Make it for massages, bubble baths, and so on...let your imagination take hold...this is a family
So date nights can be frugal, fun, romantic, and even a fun night for the kiddos before they go to bed. You can make it into a family/date night. Spend time with your kiddos first and then have Mommy/Daddy time after they have turned in. The best of both worlds..spending quality time with your kids and spouse. I love at home date nights...I can prepare the food, I can have "extra" anything I want with my supper...without being charged more, they always have what I want on the menu, DVDs can be paused, PDA is acceptable, and so forth. The night literally revolves around us and we are in control.
So I will start sharing with you all the date nights Barry and I have...will or have come up with. I know there has to be others out there that are watching their budget and don't have a babysitter for their kiddos at the drop of the hat.


Stillsz6 said...

Wonderful ideas! I love it and plan on using all of them. I can't wait to have chocolate covered strawberries, who would have thought they could be so cost effective???

Unknown said...

Ohhh I made chocolate covered strawberries and bananas at home on valentines day.. something about hte chocolate makes the strawberries so much sweeter..