Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Giveaway

*** will have to turn off my music player or pause it at the bottom of the page to hear. Sorry..I keep forgetting. Is anyone for me deleting it or do you like my song list?***

Congratulations to the winners!!! I will be contacting you guys tonight for your address or if you see this before I contact you...just drop me a email with your information and they will be going out on Monday!

I want to especially thank my dear friend Angel...without her none of this would be possible and thank you ladies for making this FUN! I finally have someone to give something sounds kind of sad written out now:)

I hope you enjoy the much as we enjoyed putting them together. I really liked the spa basket idea as "rejuvenation" reminds me of a new life...Jesus rising from the tomb. Lilly's could also represent giving. She gave with a whole he gave with his...his life for ours.

THANK YOU GUYS!!! I also have two more baskets coming up. One this month and one next month.


BNM said...

Wow thank you so much & your child is just darling!

BNM said...

Thanks!!!! :)
Here is the link to the video its really short but he said he wanted to tell "dat gur thank you" hahaha He says lilly at the beginning but it sounds like willy! haha

Unknown said...

Wootwoot congrats to Brittany and Leaih.. Doots is sooo cute.. OH OH OH u need to join the UBP2010 check out my blog for info...