Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Freebies...

I am so excited! I just ordered this ice cream/Yogurt maker. I can't wait until it comes in! I will do a review and let you know how it works out for us. I also got it in red...since I am trying to decorate our kitchen in apples now. I am hoping the initial investment...will save us money in the long run. Yogurt really makes for a wonderful snack and ice cream is a great treat. I will try to calculate how much it costs per quart of homemade ice cream/yogurt Vs. store bought.

I also have a book review this week, my Frugal makeover has been pushed to Friday(Barry had to work late yesterday and so we are painting tonight), and I will be doing a Easter giveaway just for us Moms:) I hope you check back later in week.

  • Check here to see if you have any participating locations for your kiddos to bowl for free. Yay!! We actually have a center here!! Per site "
    Select a bowling center near you.
    Register directly on the bowling center page (The registration is valid only at the bowling center where you register and cannot be used at any other bowling center unless otherwise noted.)
    Once you register, you will have the opportunity to purchase the family pass. The Family Pass was created to allow for adult family members to enjoy bowling throughout the summer as well. The Family Pass starts from $24.95 and includes 2 GAMES PER PERSON PER DAY. The Family Pass covers up to 4 adult family members. You may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 adults on the family pass." You do not need to purchase a family pass to participate. Just scroll down the page to the end when offered the family pass and select "No thanks." Next page...again select no thanks. Also, make sure you check your page with your local site...standard shoe rental does apply...according to mine.
  • Little...possibly unknown on my blog...fact about this modest mom? I am a HUGE UFC fan:) I loved wrestling when I was a child (my Dad actually use to wrestle and put on wrestle shows. I thought it was really cool that he knew the Paul bearer..which I have met and Michael Hayes..they were actually team partners way back in the day) and my love just progressed to the UFC when I was older. Chuck Liddell is my favorite fighter of all time. Though, I realize he rarely ever fights anymore and will be a coach on this season's ultimate fighter!! My next in line favorite fighter would have to be Rampage Jackson. I also really liked Kimbo Slice..though I think a knee injury has set him back. I have not heard any news on him or seen him fight since last season's ultimate fighter. Then, I thought, it was said he had a knee injury and was actually fighting through it. So this freebie is a free 3 month subscription to the UFC vault You can use UPC code 046500020353. I believe you can see the St. Pierre fight on Sunday...the next day after it originally airs. That will be a fight you will not want to miss:)
  • This will be a great freebie if you want to do giveaways on your blog or like to send things to family/friends. FREE sample of bubble envelopes It said you could select more than one I selected them all.
  • FREE sample of loving pet treats I will have to come back to this one. I had a issue with the security code and when I tried to refresh it told me it was unable to connect.
  • FREE computer game downloads
  • FREE offers from skintimate
  • FREE sample pack from Aveda with this printable coupon
  • FREE MP3 of Elvis Presley "Walk a mile in my shoes"
  • FREE Lego kits for educators Home schoolers do qualify for this!!
  • FREE sample of Everlast energy bar ...says they are temporarily out of samples..but, there is a sweepstakes.

I did get my Wink photo strip in the mail today and I loved it!!! It even came with the little love note I wrote Barry with it. I can not wait til he gets home and I give it to him. I know the photo strip will be much easier for him to keep at work.

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Oohh I hav my whole kitchen done up in apples. I might have some stuff I cna send ya that I am not gonna use that you might like... hmmmmm wheels turning here lol