Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

  1. I did manage to pick up my Walgreen prints on Monday and they were awesome. I got 20 FREE prints just for signing up. So I got copies of Friday's frugal adventure for the Grandparents. I am really bad about just storing my pictures to my computer and sending them out over the Internet. Both my parents and Barry's parents..do not care too much for the Internet..so they are reminding me they need more pictures:)
  2. Barry received his license, card, and official test scores(still 96 out of 100!!) through the mail on Monday. I think it has finally sunk in that he is officially registered in Xray, CT, and MRI. That he has finally achieved and completed all his registries for his career. I am so proud of him and he is proud of himself...as he should be and he feels like such a weight is lifted up off of him. He proudly removed his CT license from the plaque and inserted his MRI license...as of tomorrow it will hang in his department.
  3. For supper we decided to try semi-homemade pizza. I have to admit that I am really not that great at making pizza dough. So I had some help with store bought pizza crust at roughly 3.35 for two....a 1/2 a jar of pizza sauce for 1.00 a jar(so .50)...a cup full of hamburger meat(I used the food processor to stretch out some meats...work GREAT!!)....Cheese I bought in bulk. So it came in well under what you would pay for a frozen pizza, we had fun as a family making it, everyone thought it was better than a store bought pizza, it's still healthier than a store bought pizza, and we had a movie off of netflix (So never be embarassed or afraid to take a little help from the store. I promise...even if it's not totally from scratch..you will still be a awesome Wife and Mother.)
  4. Another frugal investment is Netflix. We pay $8.95 a month for our account and it can be played on your computer or Xbox. We get one movie out at a time and unlimited access to their movies they have online. This is much cheaper than satellite or cable and if you have a little one that can watch a movie multiple times...like Kipper the dog...well, you don't have to purchase that DVD. If you are signed up with Swagbucks and you are considering signing up with Netflix..do so under your special offers and take advantage of those swagbucks!!
  5. Swagbuck total as of today.....dum..dum...dum...236!!! A wonderful new way I found of making swagbucks is to look under the special offers and select the "tasks" tab. You can do small tasks (as in looking up companies online and then making sure the title is correct) and you are rewarded swagbucks at the end of the tasks. I highly suggest you do this when you have a little bit of time on your hands and littles ones are not underfoot. My goal is to save my swagbucks up for Christmas and then purchase a Amazon or paypal gift card with them. Between those and the reward points on our debit cards...that will make for some extra gifts and more savings in our pockets for the Holiday season.
  6. Coming up on Thursday...Frugal foyer makeover! I will show you how I transformed our foyer for only a 1.00 plus supplies (your basics...just paint roller and paint tray.) I have everything taped and puttied for painting. I just forgot the actual roller..I have the covers if that counts. So Barry will pick the roller up tomorrow after work and then we will need time for it to dry. So Wednesday we should be able to hang the border. I will have before and afters. I am so excited!

Sorry for the numbers. Blogger, for some reason, is having issues breaking my blog into paragraphs. This was the only temporary solution I could come up with until I figure things out.

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