Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday ramblings and freebies....

Daddy and his girls. He was so happy to come home to homemade cupcakes...chocolate..his favorite, three smiling girls, and some signs we had made for him. Doots is still looking a little pale after her surgery and Em has a new lovie...a measuring cup. Some kids have a blanket or binky...Em has a measuring cup:) Did I mention she will be 7 months this month? She also can sit up on her own and is starting to crawl..just a little. She mostly scoots. But, she can roll to wherever she needs to get We think she will fully be crawling by the end of the month.

Last week Barry past his MRI registry and made a 96 out of 100!! So he will no longer have to take any other registry tests for license..for the rest of his career. So he is now officially registered in xray, cat scan, and MRI. We are very proud of him and he has worked so hard studying for this registry. I don't think I could have passed such a test dealing with Nuclear

As a present we decided to bake him some cupcakes to say congratulations. With no frosting on hand I used this recipe:

I have to say this is the BEST chocolate frosting recipe I have ever used. I did use whole milk instead of evaporated. The frosting was so yummy and too rich. I also think this would be a great frosting for any homemade doughnut recipe:) I did the writing out of basic aerosol can frosting you can buy in your local grocery store. I always try to keep one can in the cabinet for special occasions, such as this, to write a special message. It just jazzes cupcakes or cakes up a bit and you can use very little...which makes it go a long way.

Meanwhile, I have been cleaning out from everywhere!! My goal is to start simplifying our home. I really think I have entirely too many knic knacks and I just noticed that, while my house is clean, it seems cluttered to me. So I started with the biggest items that take up the most items. Unfortunately, Em will be our last child and I have no reason to hold on to all her baby items. So I have started posting them online to sell and I have made 30.00 so far! I am meeting today with someone to sell five items and tomorrow for one item. So big items as this...I will take the chance to make a little extra money. Other knic knacks I will most like try to sell the things that could possibly go for 2.00 or over (where I meet is directly up my no gas invested into this endeavor) and the rest to my Mom. What she doesn't want I will just donate to my favorite thrift store.

I also managed to finally fully clean our den. Ah, that was such a huge weight off my shoulders. We have used it for storage for a long time now. So I cleaned everything out and turned it into a playroom for the girls. I then weeded through their toys and then moved all the remaining toys to the playroom. It is so much easier to clean their rooms now and put away clothes. In the playroom it's a room that doesn't need or have to be picked up every single day. Lilly was also excited by the fact that I made her a mini classroom. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up and I gave her my desk, her old school desk, our old home school posters, and made her a sign that said "Miss Lilly's classroom." She loves it and tells everyone that comes over...wants to show it to them. But, the only issue with the playroom? The last couple of days I find that she rather hang out in the living room finding random things around the house to play So I am not sure that my idea was a total success.

Thursday Freebies:

I am still doing loving swagbucks. You can join by the button on the sidebar to the right or the banner I have had for a couple of years now at the bottom of the page. I am up to 90 swagbucks!! I believe 450 gets you a Amazon gift card. I got these swagbucks by joining their facebook page, twitter page, and just looking (you don't have to sign up) at their free offers. I have made about 23 swagbucks this week. Of course there was a cool 15 swagbuck giveaway in there:)

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