Monday, March 29, 2010

Movie Mondays...

For some reason blogger is refusing to load my photos today. I decided to spice up the blog a little and do some themed days during the other blogs are doing. I figured since we are starting to watch more movies...a movie review would be great to do once a week.

I recently purchased two DVDs from Feature family films. I have bought from them previously and decided to purchase from them again. If you haven't looked at their products ...they provide wholesome DVDs for your family. The cost of the DVDs are usually around 12.95 and to me it's worth paying a little extra to build up a library of really great movies for the girls.

So I bought "The Retrievers" for Lilly since she loves dog movies. Space buddies is her all time favorite movie. When they arrived this time they came in DVD cases. The ones I had gotten from them last year came in just white disc covers. I failed to read the back before popping it into the DVD player. Just something I want to throw out the back. I highly suggest it if you don't want to answer questions about why one of the space buddies died. This one dealt with death and openness. Once I read the back of the case I realized that...these type movies are really for parents to watch with children on the first viewing and then talk about it at the end. The back of the case provides a really great Parent's discussion guide.

Overall, I think it was a great movie. I just really wished I would have read the back of the DVD before Lilly watched it alone. Lilly now thinks one of the puppies from space buddies is dead now...that is my fault. Other than that...I really think Lilly enjoyed the movie too. I think this would be a great pick on family movie night. Btw, you can also request a free DVD from them at the above link. has good so far. It was hard convincing Lilly to go back to school. Today was her first day back since her surgery and she was afraid all the kids would make fun of her for her scar. So I told her of all the people in our family that have had surgeries and have scars. I even had some come and show her their scars. My Mom came to show her open heart surgery scar, my Dad has had many surgeries...he showed his, I showed my gallbladder scars, the birthmark on my ear, and Barry showed his appendectomy scar. I told her that she should be proud. Her scar represents that she is one very healthy and special little girl. I also reminded her that no one would be able to see her scar and that I would think..they would think...her scar was pretty darn cool. I remember last year when she fell outside and scrapped her knee. She was the coolest kid in class all day. Ever since Lilly had the bully incident last year and was pushed around...the kids have really took on a sense of protecting her. She also has a best friend that just really looks out for her. I watched as they played on the playground one day. She went to play on the slide and Lilly went to try to play with some little girls in the sandbox. The little girls didn't want Lilly there and I seen her hang her head...she was walking away. Down came her friend from the slide and I could imagine she was asking Lilly what was wrong. I could see Lilly point and talking to her friend. Her friend whispered something in her ear, Lilly stayed there, and then her little friend went up to the other little girls. I am unsure of what she was saying..but, her little head was bobbing. I seen her go back, grab Lilly's hand, and lead her over to the sandbox. Just like that the other girls were playing with her and her friend returned to the slide. I just thought that was awesome and I can tell that Lilly thinks the world of her friend. She is always making her special notes and cards telling her she loves her and they are best friends forever. When we go to a store she tells me the things her friend likes and could we get her this or that one day as a present. So I think she will do just fine today...she was also excited..because today was her day to stay at her after school program. They make little arts and crafts...have parties from time to time.

I registered her for school today. I am disappointed that home schooling did not work out for us. But, I know this is what is best for her and her situation. I have seen how much she has grown with her speech and intellectually since starting Pre K. Thinking of who she was last this year is just absolutely amazing. I love hearing her talk and holding some conversations with us. We did not have that up until about May of last year. She is just a totally different little girl. While I am sad...I still can not wait to see what things she will learn this year, what subject will be her favorite(I am guessing math..since numbers is one of her obsessions), what friends she will make, and so forth. I got her calendar for this year and uniform guidelines. She will start Kindergarten on August 9th.

Emma was so confused this morning and has been looking for her Sister. I think she enjoyed having her home this month and them being able to play uninterrupted during the day. I've been trying to keep her occupied today. Last night was kind of rough with Em. She has been teething and we have tried everything from motrin to teething tablets. She has always been great about sleeping all the way through the night. Now she is waking up at 2 AM screaming. We feel so horrible for her. Neither of us remember Lilly hurting this bad when she teethed...but, I realize each child's pain tolerance is different. Boy, Em can just wrap you around that little finger of She can now crawl from room to room to check things out. She is also trying to do some kind of funky bear crawl that is too cute.

Well, I better log off now. I changed out the curtains in the living room and need to wash the old ones to put in the laundry room. I am also meeting someone a little later on to buy my cast iron set. I was spring cleaning and realized I really do not use it that often. Honestly, I just don't think I was prepared for all the upkeep it takes for the set as well. I might as well sell it and get something nice for the girls:)

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Unknown said...

wet rags frozen int he freezer were a God send for all our boys. The cold soothes the gums and it melts and is something for thm to chew on..Lil Miss Lily is growing up too fast momma.. and I am so glad she has a friend that will defend her everyone needs that more then anything at some point a friend who is there through thick and thin..