Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just another modest Mom's frugal tips and frugal trips....

Discovering frugal places that you can visit in your town...can be a lot of fun. The girls and I were going a bit stir crazy at home. I decided to take the to the local art museum. The museum itself was free.
The grounds are quite lovely and have some of the most beautiful water fountains. They also had the grounds landscaped with some very beautiful purple flowers. The girls had a lot of fun just being in the sun, sticking their hands in the fountains, and then making a wish with a penny.
Into the museum the children's wing offered some really neat ideas to do. From dress up, making a picture perfect seen out of a painting, puzzles, drawing, watching a dvd, and so forth...there was quite a bit that could keep them entertained for a while and it was all educational:)
So our frugal trip was to the Art museum and then we followed it up with a trip to sonic.
If you between 2-4 it's happy hour and all drinks are 1/2 off...the cones are also just 1.00. So bringing the grand total...with my cherry limeade for .69 and Lilly's cone for about 2.00 with tax. Had we packed a picnic ourselves...we could have gotten away with nothing spent for our fun day out of the house.
Hope you guys have had a wonderful Sunday! I will be posting freebies tomorrow:)

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Unknown said...

Love the pictures too cute... we don't have a thing like that nearby but we did go to see the weiner mobile today which devin loved cause he got a whistle lol