Thursday, March 25, 2010

The bicycle that chocolate bought.

1st Boo Boo on her bicycle.
She is so proud of her new bicycle!!

This is the bicycle that chocolate bought. As my friend Dita said Wednesday...This bike proves there is still kindness in this world.
Lilly has been wanting a Barbie bicycle since the St. Jude trike a thon at her school. Our original plan was to buy her one for her birthday coming up in June...since a bicycle is a pretty big present. But, I could tell that she was really wanting a bike to ride now. Since she has out grown her last bike...she has been playing on a scooter she has. So while I was looking around on Craig's list I seen a bartering section and some ads placed on there. I decided...well, we have a extra TV that is just taking up space in a closet...why not see if someone will trade me a bicycle for the TV? So I placed the ad.
I received a email Wednesday afternoon that someone had a Barbie bicycle and they were willing to make Lilly a deal. Ms. Susan stated that she didn't have a need for a TV..but, she really loved Hershey bars. She thought that a Hershey bar would be a fair trade for a four year old to make for a bicycle:) So I took Lilly to pick up the bike and trade her candy bar for a bicycle. Ms. Susan was a wonderful sweet person to meet and she made Lilly's day. I wish I had my camera with me when Lilly seen the bicycle. It is in great condition, streamers, purse attached, and it's a Barbie bicycle.
Ms. Susan did a awesome act of kindness to us and I so very thankful for her kindness. I hope to repay it forward to someone else. I thought I would share the story with everyone. It just makes my heart feel so good when I hear stories such as this and it also inspires me to be more like the person that gives with a whole heart.


Unknown said...

That is AWESOME and that woman will be richly blessed for her kindness. I so needed to hear something good today ...

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! That would have made my whole week... what a blessing that woman is!

And your girl looks so cute with her new bike!