Monday, February 15, 2010

A snow day!!!

This was Friday at our house(This is our backyard.) It actually snowed in lower Alabama!!! I can not recall the last time it snowed down here. I can probably count on my hands the number of times I have seen snow in my lifetime and most of those were in the mountains of VA and TN...All thanks to my Dad, who was a truck driver, and Barry. Snow always reminds me of when Barry proposed to me in the Smoky mountains and it's just one of God's beautiful creations.
If you look very closely next to Emma-Kay's foot there is a ball of snow. This was Lilly-Rose's "snowman" pitiful as it was...she was so proud of it. This little meltdown was all because she felt Em was going to smash it. So this picture is just over flowing with sisterly
Mama and Emma-Kay...this was both girls first time ever seeing snow.
I am sorry these pictures are out of order. I started to help Lilly build her snowman and my hands got so cold. She was very blessed to have some mittens...Well, until the got wet....then I took a page out of Dad's book. I quickly gave her a pair of Barry's socks to use:) Barry took her to Walmart after school on Thursday and they bought the last set of mittens/hat(Em as actually given a set of mittens by Barry's supervisor for Christmas.) Apparently, everyone was as excited as us about the prospects of snow. So Daddy took over trying to build a snowman.
Mama and Lilly attempting to build a snowman.
Finally!!! We got a smile out of Em. She really did not care for all this white stuff falling out of the sky. Bless her heart...Poor Em mostly kept her tongue out and mouth open the whole time. She was steadily trying to catch snowflakes. I love her little was actually Lilly's first Winter hat and now Emmie Lou Who's. Gosh...just look at that smile.
Daddy and his girls.
Mama and her girls.
Barry standing in front of the backyard. You could really see how much snow we got.
Mama and Emma-Kay
Snowball fight!!!!
Our girls. My parents got her this little snow suite for Christmas and it just happens to snow this year! The odds are staggering:) Can you believe Em is almost six months old and look how tall she is now.
Lilly was telling me it was too

Look at that smile.
You have to taste it!
When the first snow came...Em was not This is mainly how she looked the whole time.
We got snow on Friday in our area. It is very rare and a great treat for us here. Lilly was so excited Thursday when I told her it may snow the next day and when it finally did...she could hardly wait to go outside and play. During all this she started out with mittens and ended up with socks on her hands:) She really wanted a snowball fight and snowman...but, complained that it hurt her hands to touch the snow. When she wanted to warm up she wanted us to stay outside so we would be rearing to go when she got Ms. Em just didn't know what to think of all this. She mainly kept her tongue out and mouth open. I am so glad my girls got to see their first snow and it was enough they could play in it. Afterwards...we went inside for homemade hot cocoa and just watched the snow fall outside. The sight was just amazing and beautiful. It's such a rare treat for us to see.
Here's the Cocoa recipe I used:
1 Cup of powdered sugar
1 Cup and a dab more of regular Cocoa powder
I mixed about 1 cup per person(or just measure out your mugs) of milk. I warmed it up over the stove and then added roughly about 3 tablespoons of the mix per mug. I also added just a dab more of sugar. First though I mixed all of it together in a ziploc bag really really good. This would also be great with some homemade whip cream on top:)


Unknown said...

Love the Cocoa recipe!

Thank you for your help with the page backgrounds. I am getting there, still needs some work though.
I am sorry to hear about your dad and his emphysema. Its such a ugly disease.

Your family is beautiful.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Thanks for the recipe. I wish we would have snow instead of mud to deal with. I have never seen so much mud in my life. It's easily two feet deep in lots of places even paved roads are deteriorating everyday because of all the moisture in the ground.

Makenna A. said...

You have such cute girls! they are adorable. You guys had a pretty fun time!

Makenna A. said...

Your girls are adorable. they are so cute. i am sure they had a great time!